Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi and Tanya Becker, Founders of Physique 57

In the wake of her favorite ballet-inspired fitness studio closing, Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi saw an opportunity to open her own replacement studio.  Jennifer left her Wall Street job and teamed up with Tanya Becker, a leading Lotte Berk Method instructor, to create a modern Lotte Berk inspired workout – Physique 57.  In 2006, the duo opened their first Physique 57 studio on West 57th Street, where it became an overnight success, with long waitlists, celebrity clients and talk of studio expansions. On this episode of Beauty Bosses, Jennifer and Tanya speak with Dr. Lara Devgan about defining the concept of boutique fitness before it was a trend, expanding globally, and the challenges entrepreneurs face when building a business.