Pamela Baxter, Founder of Bonafide Beauty Lab

Pamela Baxter is the founder of Bonafide Beauty Lab, an entrepreuner, executive, and boss lady. Pamela Baxter chats with Dr. Devgan about her role as a woman in leadership. Her innovative company, Bonafide Beauty Lab, is a beauty incubator that identifies founder led beauty businesses and provides them with funding and management services for accelerated growth. As the former President and CEO of huge name brands in the fashion world, she is a certified Beauty Boss.

Listen as Dr. Devgan keeps her listeners informed and inspired during this conversation with Pamela Baxter.

Melissa Ben-Ishay, Founder, President and Chief Product Officer of Baked by Melissa

Melissa Ben-Ishay is a successful mom and baker. She is the founder of Baked by Melissa, the famous New York City-based brand that produces handmade, bite-size cupcakes and treats. Her passion for baking led her launching Baked by Melissa in 2008, with the idea that people should be able to taste more flavors without a post-dessert guilt trip.Today the company operates 14 stores and ships across the country. In October of 2017, she released her first cookbook, Cakes by Melissa.  She currently serves as the company’s President and Chief Product Officer.

Listen as Dr. Devgan and Melissa chat about all things business, beauty, and women in positions of power.

Jeremy Adelman, Founder & Managing Partner of Artis

Jeremy Adelman worked as an investment banker and corporate development consultant prior to co-founding Artis. During his previous roles, he assessed countless business pitches on products, both new and established, from like-minded creators and visionaries – all who were seeking white space opportunities and new ways to enhance their customers’ experiences. Jeremy’s ability to work across all consumer product categories armed him with the skill set and expertise he needed to develop a successful business blueprint that has since fueled Artis’ global success. Listen as Dr. Devgan keeps her listeners educated and informed.

Dan Browne, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Revance

Dr. Devgan sits down with Dan Browne, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Revance. Revance is responsible for a new neurotoxin, DaxibotulinumtoxinA, that is expected to be on the market next year. This groundbreaking toxin is predicted to last 6 months, 2-3 months longer than all other toxins that are available now. The currently unnamed product is the first vegan toxin and is just the beginning of long acting neuromodulators. Listen as Dr. Devgan learns what’s new in the world of aesthetics and keeps her listeners educated and informed.

Sara Foster, Creative Director of Bumble, Actress, Model and TV Producer

Dr. Devgan sits down with the beautiful and charismatic Sara Foster. Sara is currently the Creative Director of Bumble, a TV producer, model, actress, and mom just to mention a few. Her story to success has taken her on many different paths and often finds her working with her younger sister Erin.  Listen as they discuss everything from eyebrows and lasers, to children and how we are now living in a time where women can do it all.

David Pirrotta, Founder of David Pirrotta Brands

Dr. Devgan sits down with David Pirrotta. David's career began in New York City on the cosmetic floors of Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys New York. It was there where he learned in great detail how to sell, manage, and built esteemed relationships. His extensive beauty and fashion knowledge continued to grow and evolve in varied positions: Sales and Marketing Director at Jeffre Scott New York, Sales and Education Director for red flower, Sales & Business Development Director for The Art of Shaving, and Vice President of Sales for Sharps Barber and Shop. With over 20 years of industry experience, David was inspired by the demand for a boutique agency that helps build the foundation for brands to grow successfully. This laid the groundwork for his eponymous firm, David Pirrotta Brand Management and Distribution - known today as David Pirrotta Brands. Established February of 2010 in Los Angeles, he has since launched some of today's most coveted brands including ILIA Beauty and RODIN Olio Lusso, which was acquired by Estée Lauder in 2014. David's unwavering and creative eye for aesthetics, paired with his strategic business sense, has led him to partner and curate trade shows, participate in various consulting projects, and chairing advisory boards. Today, he leads his team in providing a sweeping array of customized services to each of our brands, bringing them to our customers, and expanding them into international markets. 

David Moatazedi, CEO of Evolus

Beauty Bosses is in Cancun! Dr. Devgan sits down with David Moatazedi, CEO of Evolus. Listen as they discuss Jeuveau, a new neurotoxin that has just launched. The first neurotoxin to enter the market in over 10 years. In college David was a chemistry undergraduate but knew that he wanted to go into marketing and sales. After an internship with another pharmaceutical company he knew that he wanted to make a difference in the industry and own his own company, but he didn’t know how. 14 years later he is the CEO of his own company, a go getter, and one of the most passionate guests we have ever had on Beauty Bosses. 

Melissa Lovy, Founder, Designer & CEO of the Melissa Lovy Jewelry Brand

Dr. Devgan sits down with Melissa Lovy, Founder & CEO of the Melissa Lovy brand. Melissa Lovy is an NY based jewelry brand aimed at generating mass appeal – the designs connect generations through classic shapes and versatility. Each pieces is made with 3-D printing, combining technology & fashion. It is truly the jewelry that moms buy and their daughters immediately steal. Melissa’s used her business savvy, marketing & social media expertise to bring coveted pieces to the market. As a notable female entrepreneur on the rise, she’s committed to inspiring other women to take on their dreams. Listen as Lara and Melissa discuss her journey to building her business from the ground up, becoming the beauty boss that she is today.

Deborah Pagani, fine jewelry and hair accessories designer

Dr Devgan sits down with Deborah Pagani. Deborah designs fine jewelry and hair accessories for women after her own heart: a tribe of veritable femme-fatales. Collections reflect the curved shadows and stark shapes of Art Deco, plus silhouettes inspired by 80s excess and 90s minimalism—codes that stand the test of time. She started her career styling hair in the late 90’s, working alongside masters such as John Sahag, Oribe Canales, and Rita Hazan. Deborah launched her fine jewelry brand in 2008 after friends admired the pieces she had created for herself. Her collections are a celebration of individual beauty. Each piece is designed to complement a woman’s face and body, bringing out their best and brightest.

Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz, Co-hosts of the "Mom Brain" podcast

Dr. Devgan sits down with Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz, co-hosts of the “Mom Brain” Podcast. Daphne is the mom of three beautiful children, American nutrition author and host of the Chew. Hilaria is the mom to 4 adorable children and author of The Living Clearly Method. However, they have found that their children don’t come with instructions so together they figure out being a mom. With advice from experts and doctors, trusted mom friends and simply learning on the job their podcast is just as hilarious and brilliant as they are.

Dana Rae, Founder of ABLE Cosmetics

Dr. Devgan sits down with Dana Rae, founder of ABLE cosmetics and makeup artist to Daphne Oz, Nell Diamond, Alison Lou, Samantha Wasser, Isabel Wilkinson, and Sarah Hoover. From an early age, she struggled in school due to her learning differences. These challenges forced her to learn and solve problems in her own way. She often expressed herself through art and was constantly discovering new angles to work out scholastic obstacles.

This journey with creative problem solving eventually led Dana to establish ABLE Cosmetics.

In high school, Dana landed an internship with Bobbi Brown. She then went on to assist for celebrity makeup artists at IMG’s The Wall Group. Dana studied painting at Syracuse University, attended The New School’s Parsons School of Design for fine arts, and The Makeup Designory for beauty, editorial and prosthetic makeup.

Since 2009, Dana has been a professional makeup artist in New York City, Los Angeles & Paris. She has clients such as Condé Nast, Hearst Publications, Warner Bros, Equinox, Nike, Lululemon Athletica, and Van Wyck.

Baillie Riddell, Wilhelmina Model

Dr. Lara Devgan sits down with Baillie Riddell the beautiful Wilhelmina Model, to chat about all things modeling, beauty, fashion and what it means to be a model in 2019. Listen as Baillie discusses how she went from an archeology major to traveling the world as a model. As a curve or plus size model Baillie has been able to work as a model but also remain healthy and happy in who she is. She now has a passion for mountain climbing and is currently training for her next big climb.

Tara Foley, Founder of Follian

Dr. Devgan sits down with Tara Foley, founder of Follian. The industry-leading clean-beauty retailer is built on Tara’s passion for safe ingredients and desire to act as a platform for the niche makers that share her perspective in the non-toxic personal care movement. Follain vigorously vets brands based on the highest standards of performance and health to feature a passionately selected portfolio of skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products for their shoppers. Before Follain, Tara researched safe and sustainable skincare, apprenticing on an organic lavender farm in France, and with a private label skin care company in Maine. With degrees in public policy and business, Tara's vision, passion, and activism fuel Follain’s growth, and its mission of improving the health and lives of others.

Shallon Lester, two-time Published Author, former Star Magazine Editor and YouTube Personality

Dr. Devgan sits down with the hilarious and brilliant Shallon Lester, author, editor and YouTube personality. Listen as they discuss her YouTube channel where she offers no-nonsense advice focused on millennial dating, love lessons and current celebrity news, the Jordan Wood interview and how her journey began as a young single girl in the city. Shallon has over 900 million views, loves Bieber and loves to brag about how Barack Obama follows her on Twitter.

Julia Von Boehm and Maria Encalada, Co-founders of

Dr. Devgan sits down the Julia Von Boehm and Maria Encalada, co-founders of the newly launched lifestyle site Julia is the fashion director of InStyle Magazine, Nicole Kidman’s stylist, and consultant and fashion director to many major fashion brands. After seeing how much information there is out there and how “unedited” it was she wanted to create a space to simplify and make all that useful information accessible. From fashion and style tips, to restaurants and mom tips, their new website is a gold mine of information.

Ariane Goldman, Founder and CEO of HATCH

Dr. Devgan sits down with Ariane Goldman, founder and CEO of HATCH. HATCH provides a collection of chic clothing solutions to invest in during pregnancy and to wear long after the bump is gone. The HATCH Collection now includes complete head-to-toe styling, as well as HATCH Mama, a line of toxin-free lotions and potions for women during pregnancy and postpartum. Additionally, HATCH has recently opened its first retail location in Soho New York to complement its fast growing direct-to-consumer business model. Ariane’s commitment to giving women what they need during life’s most challenging and important moments extends as well to her commitment to Every Mother Counts, a charity founded by Christy Turlington Burns to ensure maternal health for millions of women globally.

Taryn Toomey, Founder of The Class

Dr. Devgan sits down with Taryn Toomey, founder of The Class, a music-driven practice of self-study through physical conditioning. Taryn has always been someone who gathers community to feel alive and inspired and uses music and movement as her medicine. The Class began with no name, in the basement of her building and now seven years later has become a complete lifestyle. With anywhere from 3 people to 1400 people per class any one can do it.  

Caitlin Kiernan, Beauty Director of Star and OK! Magazines and Author of Pretty Sick

Dr. Devgan sits down with Caitlin Kiernan, Beauty Director of Star and OK! Magazines and author of Pretty Sick, The Beauty Guide for Women with Cancer. As Beauty Director of Star and OK magazines Caitlin talks about Beauty all day along. Spending her days interviewing celebrities and their glam teams Caitlin is an expert in everything Beauty. But when she received a terrible diagnosis, she had to discover another side to beauty, a way to look her best while feeling her worst.

James Sun, CEO and Founder of Beautytap

Dr. Devgan sits down with James Sun, CEO and Founder of Beautytap. James was originally on "The Apprentice" and placed as the runner up on the show. His latest endeavor is Beautytap, which began as an online K-beauty retail site, and after huge success and the desire to connect with and educate their community and customers in-person, James launched Beautytap's first retail store only —- 3 months ago.

KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson, Co-Founders of Mented Cosmetics

Dr. Devgan sits down with KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson, Co-founders of Mented Cosmetics an upscale make up brand for women of color. They met at Harvard business school and clicked instantly. One night over wine they discovered that neither of them could find a lipstick they liked, and so began their global makeup story. With the help of YouTube, some wax, oils, fragrances, a hot plate and a lot of hard work, Mented was born.