Sharifa Murdock, Co-Owner of Liberty Fairs and Founder of Envsn Festival

Listen in as fashion mogul Sharifa Murdock talks with Dr. Lara Devgan about her journey to the top of the fashion game. Sharifa is responsible for the launch of countless brands through Liberty Fairs, which she co-founded with her dear friend and mentor Sam BenAvraham.  

Sharifa grew up wanting to be a dancer but always loved fashion. In her early twenties she worked in the customer service department of Louis Vuitton before she took a leap of faith to leave and launch Project, one of the industryโ€™s contemporary fashion forums. She is currently the co-founder, at Liberty Fairs where she concentrates on bringing new brands to life through the industryโ€™s newest menswear showcase.

Through her journey to success, she learned that the relationships you nurture and the people you meet are often more important than any specific decision you make.