Financial Considerations

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For your convenience, consultation and surgical fees may be paid with cash, major credit card, or bank check.

Health Insurance

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance because it is voluntary and not a necessity for your medical health. However, most health insurance plans with out-of-network benefits will cover the costs of reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery includes diagnoses like:

  • breast reduction
  • ruptured breast implants (even if they were originally cosmetic)
  • capsular contracture of breast implants
  • breast cancer reconstruction
  • cosmetic improvements of the breasts in women who have previously had breast cancer
  • skin cancer, moles, and other suspicious skin lesions
  • broken facial bones (facial fractures)
  • broken noses (nasal fractures)
  • deviated septum
  • breathing problems
  • lacerations, burns, or wounds
  • cleft lip and palate
  • congenital anomalies
  • problems of the hands or nails, including carpal tunnel, ganglion cyst, and Dupuytren's contracture
  • droopy eyelids (ptosis)
  • umbilical or ventral hernias
  • problems related to previous surgery

Dr. Devgan's office will work with your insurance company to obtain preauthorization and coverage for reconstructive procedures. Health plans with out-of-network benefits will provide coverage. If you are limited to in-network doctors but do not have access to a surgeon who is comfortable performing the specialized procedure you require (such as facial fracture repair, short-scar vertical breast reduction, or direct to implant breast reconstruction, to name a few), we may be able to request coverage for Dr. Devgan to perform your operation. If you have questions about your specific health insurance plan, please email

Charitable Care

If you are the victim of violent crime (including assault, battery, or domestic violence), and you require surgical care for your injuries, Dr. Devgan may be able to help. As part of her charitable care program, Dr. Devgan performs a limited number of facial reconstruction operations at no charge, to help victims of violent crimes restore their physical appearance and return to their normal lives. This includes surgical repair of:

  • facial lacerations
  • broken facial bones (facial fractures)
  • broken noses (nasal fractures)
  • other traumatic injuries

If you would like to inquire about Dr. Devgan's charitable care program for victims of violent crimes, please send a confidential email detailing your situation to: Please note that in order to qualify, you must have a New York police report that documents the crime that occurred, and you yourself must not have been a participant in criminal activity at the time of the incident. Decisions regarding charitable care are made at Dr. Devgan's sole discretion.