Frequently Asked Questions


What is Dr. Devgan's training?

Dr. Devgan has 11 years of medical and surgical training. She completed 4 years of medical school, a yearlong NIH fellowship during which she completed her masters degree in public health, and 6 years of post-graduate residency training in plastic & reconstructive surgery, which included 3 years of general surgical residency and internship. Her training encompassed all aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

What is Dr. Devgan's cosmetic specialty?

Dr. Devgan has expertise in all areas of cosmetic surgery of the face and body. She is especially passionate about rejuvenation of the face, eyes, and breasts. Dr. Devgan's facial rejuvenation focuses on lifting the muscular substructure of the face ("the SMAS") to restore the beautiful bone structure of the jaw, cheeks, and neck. In patients with fat under the chin or a saggy neck, microliposculpture-- a delicate technique to sculpt this area-- can be an option. Dr. Devgan's approach to rejuvenation of the eyes focuses on giving eyes a youthful and rested appearance by correcting the under-eye bags, thin wrinkly skin, and deep tear troughs that make aging eyes appear tired. Dr. Devgan's breast procedures use either the patient's own tissue or breast implants to lift and fill the breasts into a perky, soft, natural position.

What is Dr. Devgan's reconstructive specialty?

Dr. Devgan has expertise in all areas of reconstructive surgery of the face and body. In particular, she has devoted a tremendous amount of time and thought into breast cancer reconstruction, skin cancer reconstruction, and facial fractures (including broken noses). Dr. Devgan's approach to reconstructing breast cancer uses either the patient's own tissue or breast implants to recreate a natural and feminine breast. Dr. Devgan's approach to skin cancer reconstruction is one of delicate tissue handling and meticulously designed local flaps and grafts to correct Mohs or other defects. Dr. Devgan's approach to facial fractures involves meticulous orientation of broken bone fragments into their correct anatomic position. This is especially important for broken noses, when patients may experience difficulty breathing if they are not realigned correctly.

Does Dr. Devgan do Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, or other non-surgical treatments?

Yes, Dr. Devgan believes that these non-surgical treatments are an important part of her practice. Not everyone needs surgery. Some people need a better skin care regimen; some could benefit from Botox or injectable treatments; and some are good candidates for chemical peels or laser resurfacing. Dr. Devgan believes that offering the entire spectrum of services to her patients gives them the best opportunity to have truly individualized care. Better still, some minor procedures like Botox and fillers have little to no downtime, and can be done in under 30 minutes.

Am I a good candidate for plastic surgery?

A good candidate for plastic surgery is someone with good overall health, a stable frame of mind, and realistic goals and expectations about surgery. Patients who have arrived at the decision to have plastic surgery on their own terms, without being pressured by friends or family members, are the ones who experience the most improvement in their self-confidence and self-image. Health care must be individually tailored, and Dr. Devgan will review your specific concerns in the context of your overall health, in great detail. In general, patients who are at a healthy weight and who are not actively smoking do best with surgery.

Where does Dr. Devgan perform surgery?

Dr. Devgan performs small procedures, such as Botox, mole removal, laceration repair, and skin cancer ("Mohs") reconstruction, in her office using local anesthesia. For procedures that require heavier sedation, Dr. Devgan operates in her fully AAAASF-accredited ambulatory office surgery suite, a surgery center, or a hospital, always with a board-certified physician-anesthesiologist supervising your care.

Can Dr. Devgan accommodate out of town and international patients?

Yes. Dr. Devgan's patients include discerning individuals from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the west coast of the United States. Our staff will assist with travel, flight and hotel arrangements, private duty nursing, and concierge services for all patients, upon request.

Will my surgery be covered by insurance?

Most health insurance carriers will at least partially cover the cost of reconstructive surgery. This category includes diagnoses like breast reduction, suspicious lesions that may be skin cancer, broken facial bones, broken noses, deviated septum or other causes of breathing problems, lacerations, burns, cleft lip and palate, congenital anomalies, problems with the hands or nails, droopy eyelids that obscure vision, breast reconstruction after cancer, umbilical or ventral hernias, and chronic complex wounds.

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance because it is voluntary and not a necessity for your medical health. 

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