Luxury medical-grade skin care.


What is Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty?

Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty is a luxury medical-grade skin care line designed for the discerning consumer. While the market is flooded with skin care products containing glamorous sounding ingredients like caviar, truffles, sea salt, and orchids, it lacks a set of skin care products containing FDA-approved, scientifically-proven ingredients that have been empirically demonstrated in large clinical trials.

Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty changes all of that. Each product in this novel line has demonstrated scientific efficacy. Each product is the most effective of its type. And each product has not only been personally tested by Dr. Devgan herself, but has also been tested in large-scale, scientific research.

What is Dr. Devgan's background in skin care?

In addition to her busy plastic surgery practice on Manhattan's Upper East Side, Dr. Devgan's science background has spanned Yale University biochemistry labs, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine research facilities, National Institute of Health-funded clinical projects, and hands-on experience treating the skin of real women and men at the best hospitals in New York City.

With over 18 years of experience in both laboratory science and clinical medicine, Dr. Devgan's skin care line has been in the works for quite some time. As a woman, plastic surgeon, and scientist, she has devoted considerable time and energy into developing what she considers to be the perfect line. "I created the line that I've always wanted," she told Resident Magazine in a June 2015 interview. "A luxury line of science-based products that actually work."

Return Policy: While we hope that you are 100% satisfied with our custom-formulated products, we regrettably cannot guarantee the satisfaction, appropriateness, or utility of each product for each person. Everyone's skin type, skin sensitivity, and health concerns are different, and we advise discussing your skin care choices with your medical doctor in advance of undertaking any new skin care routine. In the event that you need to return a product, we are pleased to accept returns for any unopened, unused products within 30 days of purchase. Return shipping cost is the paid by the customer. Please email with any concerns.