Dr. Devgan is published in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Devgan was recently published in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as a co-author, alongside Dr. Otto Placik, in which they put forth a CME video on an overview of Female Genital and Vaginal Plastic Surgery. This article is primarily focused on elective vulvovaginal procedures, avoiding posttrauma reconstruction or gender-confirmation surgery.

This important content aims to present the best available and unbiased scientific research in this relatively new field. The participant studying the article and viewing the video must be comfortable with the anatomy, terminology, diagnosis, and treatment options in addition to being familiar with requested interventions and aesthetic goals.

“After studying this article and viewing the video, the participant should be able to: 1. Accurately describe the relevant aesthetic anatomy and terminology for common female genital plastic surgery procedures. 2. Have knowledge of the different surgical options to address common aesthetic concerns and their risks, alternatives, and benefits. 3. List the potential risks, alternatives, and benefits of commonly performed female genital aesthetic interventions. 4. Be aware of the entity of female genital mutilation and differentiation from female genital cosmetic surgery.”

Find the full article and video here.

Dr. Devgan is featured in Healthline to discuss the recent Allergan recall

Dr. Devgan is featured in an article written by Healthline in which she gives her thoughts on the Allergan textured implant recall. “Allergan voluntarily recalled its Biocell textured implants last week after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pushed for the company to take them off the market. The implants have been linked to a rare cancer known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). “

BIA-ALCL is a type of blood cancer that can be found in the scar tissue and fluid near the implant. “Dr. Lara Devgan, a plastic surgeon in New York City, says the textured material may be the root of the problem. ‘The hypothesis underlying this voluntary recall is that texturing of certain breast implants may result in an inflammatory reaction that is linked to a rare but present risk of ALCL,” Devgan told Healthline.”

Dr. Devgan points out that smooth breast implants are not associated with the BIA-ALCL risk and are considered to be safe and effective devices. “Generally speaking, the most common risks of breast augmentation are bleeding, infection, scarring, and capsular contracture.” Nevertheless, women should become familiar with the symptoms of BIA-ALCL and continue regular health checkups according to their physician’s recommendations.

For Dr. Devgan, this voluntary Allergan recall highlights the fact that the medical aesthetic and plastic surgery industry is far too lax. Patients need to be well informed about the risks and considerations of cosmetic procedures and Dr. Devgan would love to see the industry become better regulated.

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Harper's Bazaar asks Dr. Devgan to weigh in on the Brazilian Butt Lift

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The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is an aesthetic procedure that comes with a terrifying statistic, a 1 in 3,000 death rate. Despite these risks, the BBL is an increasingly popular surgery. Harper’s Bazaar spoke with Dr. Devgan in order to obtain her professional opinion on the surgery.

The article starts by explaining that a BBL is a procedure that takes liposuctioned fat from other areas of the body and then re-injects into the buttocks and hips. The surgery will require medical clearance in order to assess patient health and surgical complication risk factors. BBL recovery takes up to several months and the results can vary since the fat can change shape over time.

The danger in BBLs was discovered when “a plastic surgery task force reported that three percent of plastic surgeons who performed the procedure had a patient die." Last August, it was reported that BBLs have the highest death rate of any aesthetic procedure.” Dr. Devgan states that “This is a level of risk that is extremely alarming and totally unacceptable for an elective cosmetic procedure. That risk of death is a statistic that factors in the outcomes of highly trained American board-certified plastic surgeons, so this is not just an issue of who is doing the surgery, it is a risk inherent to the operation.” A non-surgical alternative to a BBL is Sculptra injections, which are poly-L-lactic acids injections that boost natural collagen production. This nonsurgical option can be cost prohibitive because many injections are required to obtain desired results. Nonetheless, there are many factors to consider when choosing to underog elective cosmetic procedures. For these reasons, it is important to always perform extensive research when considering any procedures.

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Botox: A Sweaty Summer Solution

The summer sun has New Yorkers, and quite frankly the rest of the planet, feeling hot and sweaty. The blistering heatwaves have our sweat glands working overtime to keep us cool, leaving us feeling sticky and a bit on the smelly side. The New York City heat and humidity led Barrett Wertz from askmen.com to search for a solution besides antiperspirants and his search led him to Dr. Lara Devgans’s office. Barrett wrote an article on how he took matters into his own hands by getting a Botox treatment to help curb his summer sweating.

armpits 2.jpg

Dr. Devgan injected Botox into Barret Wertz’s armpits to stop his sweat glands from producing excessive sweat. Botulinum toxin, or botox, is FDA approved to treat the symptoms of severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis. “Similar to Band Aid, Kleenex, Q-Tip and Jell-O, Botox is a brand that has become a genericized term for a specific botulinum toxin and whereas the most popular brand is Botox, there are others to choose from. ‘For this procedure, [your doctor can use] Botox, Dysport, Xeomin or Jeuveau,’ Devgan explains. ‘There are four neuromodulators that are FDA approved in the United States. They all work, essentially, interchangeably, so they can all be used for this purpose.’”

Although men may not be as forthcoming with disclosing their neuromodulator treatments, Dr. Devgan states that there has been a huge upsurge in “Wall Street type of guys” receiving these treatments. Nevertheless, Wall Street or not, the practice of receiving Botox treatments can be accessible to anyone through proper health research and in the words of Barrett Wertz “It really is a win in the fight against funky pits.”

Read the full article here.


Dr. Devgan, Hilaria Baldwin, and Daphne Oz Chat on Mom Brain, a Popular Podcast for and about Moms

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Dr. Devgan was recently featured on Mom Brain, a popular podcast by Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz. Hilaria Baldwin is a successful businesswoman, author, and contributor on the Today Show and People magazine. Daphne Oz, Mom Brain co-host, is an Emmy-winning TV host and author. In a world where society is slowly accepting that women can do as they please to look and feel their best, this podcast highlights the ways that moms and women everywhere can use plastic surgery as a means to do just that!Together, these Beauty Bosses discussed plastic surgery and motherhood and how the two can be connected.

Being a mom changes a woman’s body and Dr. Devgan dished with Hilaria and Daphne about how plastic surgery procedures can help address areas of concern. With women being more powerful and thus more busy, it is no wonder that we want to indulge and invest in self care. Injectables or surgical procedures can be a form of self care in the lives of busy moms that long for their pre-baby body. Dr. Devgan’s expertise as being one of NY’s most sought after doctors brings clarity and information surrounding procedures such as breast augmentations, breast lifts, facial fillers and neurotoxins. She explains the difference between surgical and nonsurgical methods and what the best fit for someone might be.

From eyebrows arches, to softening your complexion to boob jobs, Dr. Devgan discusses the best tips and techniques to get the desired look you want. As Dr. Devgan says "aging gracefully is the goal, but every once in a while your biology sets you up that makes you feel older than you are,” so listen as the doctor, Hilaria, and Daphne chat and keep their listeners informed about the world of beauty.

Listen to the episode of Mom Brain here.

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Girls on Fire! Dr. Devgan featured in article about Women Empowerment

Dr. Devgan is featured in People Magazine in a piece that is all about women empowerment, because like Beyonce said: girls run the world! This piece highlighted a few of the female powerhouses that attended the Aesthetic Medicine World Conference in Monaco. In it, Dr. Devgan is featured as the prominent Park Ave Plastic Surgeon that she is, along side other successful women in medicine. This article is a refreshing piece on how women are coming out on top, all while maintaining a positive work/life balance!


The Plum features Dr. Devgan on Procedures for the Nose, surgical and non-surgical options

Author Pamela Christiani writes about how the nose can change over time and one can become unhappy with those changes. Her obsession with nose jobs led her to Dr. Devgan, who performs both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasties.


“‘It’s not that the nose is necessarily growing, but it may not be supported in the exact same way as when you were younger. Ligament structures can shift and cartilage can warp and change over time.’ Dr. Devgan stresses that even the tiniest of shifts in the face, millimeters in size, can be visible. The bottom line: signs of aging can occur anywhere on the face, and the nose is no exception.”

Dr. Devgan explains how she uses filler to provide optical illusions for the nose to balance out the overall shape and proportion. “This element of “try-before-you-buy” is popular now, in Dr. Devgan’s practice. “Many of my patients just prefer a less invasive approach,” she says. That said, “surgical rhinoplasty is a more powerful procedure that allows you to do more. You can remove tissue, shave down bone, and adjust cartilage, maneuvers that are not possible with injectables,” she stresses. A non-surgical nose job can be done in minutes with virtually no downtime.”

Read the full article here.

Dr. Devgan's Signature Gold Microinfusion Facial featured in PureWow


Beauty treatments can be found anywhere but there are certain unique treatments that can only be found in NYC. PureWow published an article that details 7 next-level beauty treatments that can only be found in the Big Apple. The article features Dr. Devgan’s signature gold microinfusion microneedling facial.

“Microneedling meets injectables in this facial that’s already won over celebrities like Bethenny Frankel. The Gold Microinfusion Microneedling Facial ($2,500), offered at the offices of Upper East Side plastic surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan, promises results that many describe as “glass-like” skin. By infusing tiny amounts of Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers through a special vial equipped with gold-plated needles (that’s the microneedling part), patients walk out with minimal downtime—generally just a little post-procedure redness—and maximum results. And in case you’re wondering, it’s nothing like full-on Botox injections: The topical application means smoother skin without the loss of muscle function.”

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On Achieving Your Summer Body Goals- Dr. Devgan featured on Violet Grey

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After the first day of summer’s recent debut, we’re all excited for the beach visits, hiking trips, and music festivals summer has to offer. Dr. Devgan, featured on Violet’s Grey’s new article “Summer Body Goals”, shares the latest tips on how you can stay looking your best.

“The body is becoming the real tell-all of your age and overall health fitness level”, says Dr. Devgan. Although filler is typically understood to accentuate facial contours, Dr. Devgan uses Sculptra, a filler that stimulates collagen production, to accentuate the body’s contours. Dr. Devgan states that Sculptra is “the best non-surgical way to improve the contour, fullness, perkiness, and texture of the buttocks and hips.”

The beauty of the latest minimally invasive treatments, such as Sculptra, is the minimal downtime and lasting results. Dr. Devgan states, “There’s no incision, no anesthesia, no large, visible scar; the things that held people back in the previous era of a major surgical overhaul have changed a lot.” Read the full article here