Dr. Devgan’s Beauty Bosses Podcast Featured on Deborah Pagani’s New York Summer Survival Guide


Deborah Pagani, New York-based jewelry designer, recently featured Dr. Devgan’s top-rated podcast on her New York Summer Survival Guide. Dr. Devgan’s podcast, Beauty Bosses, was highlighted for its insight on the ins and outs of the fashion and beauty industry. Since the podcast’s debut in March, 2018, Dr. Devgan has featured many prominent industry leaders on beauty, fashion, wellness, and all things pretty.

Beauty Bosses keeps Dr. Devgan and her listeners current on the latest innovations in aesthetics. Dr. Devgan also allows listeners to catch a glimpse of the day-to-day lives of prominent industry leaders, even taking us down memory lane along her own personal journey of becoming a board-certified plastic surgeon. Check out the full list of the Beauty Bosses episodes here

Dr. Devgan on How Botox Can Help with Summer Sweats

As the dog days of summer are quickly approaching, the last thing anyone wants are wet pits. Ruining new summery blouses and dresses with smelly odors and pit stains is definitely out of the question. Sometimes, no matter what you do- even if you aren’t doing strenuous activity- you just can’t avoid your armpits from pooling sweat (and that’s not the kind of pools you want in the summer, right?) . Thankfully, Family Circle released an article, “Stop the Sweat”, which outlines some ways to help beat your sweat (before you ruin your clothes!)


When is comes to armpits, and OTC deodorants just are not making the cut, it might be time to resort to other options, like Botox or Dysport. According to Dr. Lara Devgan, these injectables block sweat glands, which allows less odor and less wetness. Botox lasts about three months, which is the perfect amount of time to get you dry armpits all the way through Labor Day… just saying! 

Want other options besides botox? This article also discusses other sweat-fighting options like antiperspirant-deodorant duos and clinical-strength wipes that can be prescribed by your dermatologist. And, since we all know that armpits aren’t the only thing that sweat in the summer, check out this publication for ideas on how to beat sweaty boobs and chafed thighs this summer. 


Dr. Devgan featured in Refinery29 on Jeuveau, a New Injectable


Refinery29 recently published an article in which Jeuveau is discussed.


Jeuveau is “the first new neurotoxin approved for aesthetic usage in nearly a decade.” “Like Botox, Jeuveau has a molecular weight of 900 kDa, but they're produced in different facilities and are derived from different strains of the same toxin. (Botox, or onabotulinumtoxinA, is made by Allergan in Westport, Ireland; Jeuveau, or prabotulinumtoxinA, comes out of Seoul, South Korea.) The risks and potential side effects listed by the companies are also identical.” Jeuveau’s marketing strategy is what seems to be setting it apart from other neurotoxins.

Dr. Devgan states that "The most novel thing about Jeuveau is its unique marketing strategy — targeting younger millennials in a fresher way, with emojis, an app, diverse models, and lots of pink." With Botox already being wildly popular, she suspects that Jeuveau “is appealing to a whole new group of consumers that is aging into the aesthetic marketplace today." Despite anecdotal evidence that Jeuveau may last longer, Dr Devgan says “There has been no research that demonstrates a statistically significant difference in duration as compared to other neurotoxins."

Read the full article here.

NewBeauty publishes Dr. Devgan's opinion on the future of Facelifting

The article “Is This the Future of Facelifting?” from NewBeauty features Dr. Devgan’s facelift forecasts for 2019 in which she discusses her opinion that as patients become more savvy, what matters most is the surgeon.

“I predict smaller interventions at earlier ages, shorter incisions in more discreet locations, and even more conservative and natural-look-ing results. The ‘Park Avenue 1990s’ look— surprised, taut, shiny—is definitely over,” says New York plastic surgeon Lara Devgan, MD. “I also foresee more educated consumers who will be less susceptible to the marketing of confusion—this strange notion that every plastic surgeon has a new and wholly unique method for well-established procedures such as browlift, facelift and necklift. There are a number of variations in surgical techniques, and every procedure is customized to every patient, but eventually savvy patients will realize that what matters most is a surgeon’s training, aesthetic judgment and delicacy of dissection—not the marketing of a new, well-branded term.”

Read the full article here.

Dr. Devgan featured in NewBeauty on Facelift Downtimes

A facelift surgery can be a nerve-wracking experience but with medical advances, it is a procedure that is now more patient- friendly. NewBeauty recently published a piece on what can be expected in the aftermath of a facelift. In the article, plastic surgeons discuss their opinions on downtimes and recovery times for a facelift.

Dr. Devgan writes “It’s not uncommon for bruising and swelling to last several weeks. You want to stay well-hydrated, minimize salty foods and sleep on your back with your head elevated on two pillows. Stitches come out about a week after surgery. After two weeks, most people look and feel good enough to dine out, and by four to six weeks, they’re comfortable going to big events. Final results—complete healing and scar maturation—typically take a full year.”

Read full article here.

"Now, Stickers with Microneedles can Help Fix Everything from Acne to Wrinkles" - Dr. Devgan Featured on Vogue


Vogue.com recently published an article “Now, Stickers with Microneedles can Help Fix Everything from Acne to Wrinkles,” which garners expert opinions on the latest at skincare innovations, from lasers to acne vacuums. Dr. Devgan shares her advice on today’s top skincare solutions.

When it comes to cystic acne, the best solutions are those beyond topical creams. The pimples are too deep in the skin, and require more invasive techniques. “The most innovative new skincare delivery system is microinfusion. In your doctor’s office, that comes in the form of microinfusion microneedling (aka the botox facial with PRP), but for at-home products, the microdart technology has the same idea of active ingredients being placed closer to where they need to be,” Dr. Devgan shares. These methods allow the skin-healing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and salicycle acid to reach the infected areas more effectively.

The article goes on to address other skincare concerns like hyperpigmentation and sagging, tired skin. As there are a number of new products out on the market claiming to solve these problems, they aren’t going to be as effective as injectable fillers or medial facials. Specifically, Dr. Devgan’s IPL photo facial is a perfect solution for hyperpigmentation concerns. Additionally, when it comes to sagging skin, very few products on the market are going to provide as effective results as injectable fillers. Read full article here.

Dr. Devgan Featured in New Beauty's Comprehensive Guide to Facelift Surgery


New Beauty Magazine recently published an article citing top plastic surgeons on the past, present, and future of facelift surgery. Dr. Devgan, among the elite facelift specialists, weighed in on important questions, including when to consider a facelift and what to expect after the procedure, focusing on patient education and awareness.

Dr. Devgan is featured as the article questions if there is a right time to consider a facelift, stating “When it’s not just some horizontal forehead lines anymore—it’s midface descent, jowling and laxity of the neck. Those, to me, are the three stigmata of facial aging that are the most difficult to fix with fillers.” Dr. Devgan ultimately advises that facelifts are empowered to “solve one or more of those problems in a way the technique of injectables is not powered to handle.”

Screenshot (3).png

Dr. Devgan also weighs in on her predictions of what the future of facelift surgery will bring. She predicts “smaller interventions at earlier ages, shorter incisions in more discreet locations, and even more conservative and natural-looking results.” Dr. Devgan also places importance on furthering patient education. She states that “savvy patients will realize that what matters most is a surgeon’s training, aesthetic judgment and delicacy of dissection—not the marketing of a new, well-branded term.”

"11 Doctors Can't Be Wrong About Skin Care" - Dr. Devgan Featured on Glamour.com

Glamour.com recently published a video, asking top doctors all our skincare questions. Dr. Devgan was among the elite list, offering her expertise to the beauty site. Rather than stopping short of a second or third opinion, Glamour got eleven opinions on skincare FAQs, from how to safely tan to the next big thing in skincare.

“Stop touching your skin. That’s the worst crime you can commit!” Dr. Devgan starts off the video by saying. We go on to hear many dos and don’ts, and all there is in between. “There is no healthy way to tan. The sun will give you oxidative damage to the skin, increase fine lines, it’ll give you brown spots, make you look older, and it might give you cancer.” This was a major “don’t”, as the other doctors chimed in in agreement, and adding that the only safe way to tan is out of a bottle, no matter how dark your skin is.

The video goes on to debunk major misconceptions about lip injections, most notably that you won’t leave the doctor’s office looking like Jessica Rabbit, and they can, in fact, be removed. The video concludes with what may possibly be the most exciting question, asking the doctors, “what’s the next big thing in skincare?” From CBD oil-infused products, to bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol, there seem to be quite a few products up and coming. Dr. Devgan adds, “I think honey bee propolis is going to be the next big thing. It’s a wound heeling agent that you actually find in surgical ICUs and burn units all over the world, and increasingly we’re using it to moisturize the skin.”

Dr. Devgan Presents Her Grid 21 Research at Annual Merz Meeting


Merz North America, a leading aesthetic pharmaceutical company, held their annual Aesthetics Meeting last week, where the company shared their latest research with healthcare professionals and patients alike, showcasing the products within their portfolio. Here, Dr. Devgan presented her data on the Grid 21 Technique, a new approach to forehead and eyebrow shaping using Xeomin.

Xeomin, similar to Botox and Dysport, is a drug commonly used for fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, crow’s feet, and glabella. However, Xeomin can be used for other cosmetic concerns: creating facial symmetry, shaping the eyebrow, slimming the masseter, upturning the smile, and even elongating the neck. Dr. Devgan’s Grid 21 study specifically explores how the drug can help to shape the brow and forehead.

Dr. Devgan’s study consisted of using the brows and foreheads of her patients to sketch a grid. Because the patient’s unique anatomical features provide the framework, these grids create a map, revealing customized injection sights for every patient. Dr. Devgan can uses the intersections of the grid to create an ideal eyebrow peak between the lateral limbus (edge of the iris) and lateral cants (corner of the eye), complimenting the natural shape of the eye.