"Listen up Khloe! As the Kardashian Admits She's Thinking About Getting a Post-Baby Boob Job..." Dr. Devgan Featured as Breast Surgery Expert on The Daily Mail.


When Khloe Kardashian recently made news due to her confession of wanting her breasts done following her pregnancy, The Daily Mail reached out to Dr. Devgan for her expert advice on the subject.

Many new moms consider breast procedures for a rejuvenated look and fresher cleavage. Dr. Devgan says, “Volume and reshaping are required for full cleavage. We can do this either with breast implants or with auto-augmentation [breast lift] —  a technique where a patient’s own breast tissue is rearranged in a more perky and round manner.'‘

Breast augmentations continue to be one of the most popular procedures in the plastic surgery field, with procedure times ranging between 30-60 minutes. Dr. Devgan has performed over 100 breast procedures since 2016, and recommends smooth implants over textured due to a more natural feel, and fewer issues for patients. Read the full article here.

"A Man Had Part of His Ear Cut Out in a Controversial “Conch Removal” Procedure" - Dr. Devgan Weighs in for Allure

People all over the world are talking about Charles V. Bentley, the Australian man who had portions of his external ear removed, perhaps one of the most extreme versions of body modification. After images circulated of Bentley’s stitched up ears, otolaryngologists to plastic surgeons have thoughts about the procedure.

Bentley went to a “body modification artist” in Stockholm, Sweden, since most doctors highly discourage such a procedure. By altering the natural shape of the ear, the functionality will most definitely be affected, not to mention the residual side effects and small chance of reversal.

Allure reached out to Dr. Devgan, who says, "The risks of conch removal include bleeding, infection, undesirable scarring, wound healing issues, and the extreme difficulty of reversal. Conch removal is not easily reversed due to the complex anatomy of the ear, the importance of the cartilage support network, and the tenuous blood supply there. A combination of tissue flaps and grafts, which are highly complex plastic surgery procedures, would be needed." Read full article here.

"INTERVIEW: LARA DEVGAN, THE PICASSO OF PLASTIC SURGERY" - Dr. Devgan interviewed by Danielle Ransom of Julie von Boehm


Danielle Ransom of Julie von Boehm, a media company dedicated to fashion and beauty, recently interviewed Dr. Devgan, dubbing her the Picasso of Plastic Surgery. The interview touches on Dr. Devgan’s prowess in her field, due to her aesthetic and artistic approach to procedures.

Dr. Devgan' is known for her subtle aesthetic, having said, “subtle is the new dramatic,” which seems to be a newer idea in the plastic surgery industry. “Every face and every feature has something beautiful about it. Part of the conceptual aspect of what I do is figuring out what those beautiful things are, and working to maintain and preserve them. Otherwise, you can have this weird extreme where someone loses the character of their face; where their main distinguishing features look different, and it almost feels disturbing,” she says.

Much of Dr. Devgan’s approach to her work stems from years of being trained as a classical artist, and seeing every patient’s face (or canvas) as an already-existing work of art. “One of the most interesting things I find about people’s faces is not what makes them beautiful, but what gives them an identity. [As a surgeon] it is important to understand the characteristics that create the feeling of you; what can we change and still look like ‘you’?” Read the full article here.

NEWBEAUTY Spring 2019 Issue - Dr. Devgan Discusses Dealing With Aging Hands.

new beauty.PNG

Dr. Devgan will be featured in NEWBEAUTY’S upcoming issue which unpacks how to defeat the signs of aging hands.

For centuries, painters, sculptors, and photographers have had obsessions with the human hand, and how it functions. Dr. Devgan says, “The hands are incredibly complex, with 29 bones and 34 muscles controlling their movement.”

However, when it comes to aging, our hands aren’t exempt. From sun damage to blisters, even excessive hand washing, they take a beating. Luckily, modern medicine can help. Plastic surgeons can utilize noninvasive techniques like injectable fillers to decrease the signs of aging hands, or surgical options like fat grafting. Fat grafting “is like spreading melted butter on a bagel - the fat settles into all the nooks and crannies in a soft, supple way. Fat is in abundant supply in most of us; it’s permanent; and it’s inherent stem cells may benefit skin texture and quality,” Devgan says.

Yes, "More People Are Getting Plastic Surgery. Here’s Why" - Dr. Devgan featured on Healthline


Dr. Devgan was recently featured on Healthline in an article entitled “More People Are Getting Plastic Surgery. Here’s Why,” which explores cosmetic enhancement in an age of body positivity, and how these ideas aren’t necessarily in opposition of each other.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 1.8 million surgical procedures and 15.9 million noninvasive procedures were performed in 2018. Dr. Devgan says, “Most patients seek [cosmetic] procedures to feel like the best version of themselves. There’s a magical paradox I’m helping people achieve: looking the same but better.”

With the rise of social media, we seem to be consistently confronted with both the unapologetic sentiments of millennials, along with a constant stream of photos of ourselves. Devgan adds, “People are much more comfortable owning their self-care rituals — including those that involve needles and knives. I have patients come into my office and request to be on my Instagram feed, which is something we never would have seen 5 years ago.” Read the whole article here.

7 Next-Level Beauty Treatments You Can Only Get in NYC - Dr. Devgan featured on PureWow


PureWow recently published the article “7 Next-Level Beauty Treatments You Can Only Get in NYC,” offering New Yorkers a handful of self-care remedies to keep them going, and Dr. Devgan’s Gold Microinfusion Facial made the list!

Actual patient of Dr. Devgan.

Actual patient of Dr. Devgan.

New Yorkers might be the most resilient of city-dwellers, but we can also be the most run down, which doesn’t exactly do wonders for our looks. Luckily, from massages to facials, we’ve got help. When it comes to rejuvenation, Dr. Devgan’s Gold Microinfusion Facial doesn’t mess around. Publications like Elle and Glamour have raved about Devgan’s treatment, and even Kate Sandoval, Beauty Editor of Shape, dubbed it “the best facial of my life.”

The Gold Microinfusion Facial utilizes the microneedling technique, but with a twist, “by infusing tiny amounts of botox and hyaluronic acid fillers through a special vial equipped with gold-plated needles (that’s the microneedling part), patients walk out with minimal downtime—generally just a little post-procedure redness.” Read the the full article here.

'Rich Girl Face' is the Cosmetic Surgery Trend that Everyone Wants in 2019 - Dr. Devgan featured on her.ie


Dr. Devgan was recently interviewed on Her in an article entitled “'Rich Girl Face' is the Cosmetic Surgery Trend that Everyone Wants in 2019,” which discusses the evolution of how we view cosmetic enhancement.

From botox and fillers to chemical peels and lasers, the accessibility of cosmetic work has also assisted in de-stigmatizing it. In years prior, plastic surgery was considered shameful, and only for the stereotypical woman who lacked substance; but this new generation of patients is wearing their work as a symbol of pride. Plumped lips and flawless skin have become last decade’s Louis Vuitton handbag, some even dubbing this look as “rich girl face.”


Though Dr. Devgan isn’t a fan of the phrase, she’s doing her part to normalize cosmetic improvement. Devgan says, “we’re in the era of minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedures. I think that is not only because of low downtime, lower cost, and lower invasiveness, but also because there's lower stigma and lower barrier to entry." She frequently expresses to her audience that it’s okay to want to look and feel your best. Read the full article here.

Dr. Devgan Featured on Paolo Atlason Podcast "Embracing Individuality"


Dr. Devgan was recently interviewed in Holistic Health Consultant Paola Atlason’s latest podcast entitled '“Embracing Individuality,” where she shared her perspective on the industry, along with her self care secrets.

Atlason’s podcast focuses on renown women at the top of their fields, and the self care rituals that keep them grounded. Dr. Devgan discusses the importance of her role in helping women feel beautiful in a predominantly male field. “The thing i really love most about my field is that it allows people to feel confident and the best versions of themselves, “ Devgan shares.

Devgan also touches on how she’s working to de-stigmatize the idea of plastic surgery, and her own artistic aesthetic when it comes to her work. “I often tell my patients that subtle is the new dramatic.” You can listen to the whole podcast here.

RealSelf Beautifies SXSW with "House of Modern Beauty," Offering Guests Complimentary Aesthetic Treatments and Events with Industry Influencers - Dr. Devgan featured on Newswire


Newswire recently posted this article, highlighting the launch of RealSelf’s House of Modern Beauty at SXSW this weekend. The industry is abuzz for this first-of-its-kind event!

Dr. Devgan will head to Austin this weekend to join her RealSelf team, as they debut the House of Modern Beauty, which will offer guests the opportunity to explore the world of medical aesthetics through complimentary treatments including facial lasers and injectables, free consultations and a series of educational events throughout the weekend.


Devgan says, "Beauty and brains is not a zero-sum game. You can be a person of substance and also want to look and feel your best, and RealSelf wants to be a champion for that belief." The RealSelf House of Modern Beauty will launch tomorrow, Saturday, March 9 and continue through Sunday, March 10, and is open to the public. Dr. Devgan will be joined by Jane Larkworthy, beauty columnist for The Cut; Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein, hosts of the Fat Mascara podcast; Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, creator of The Skinny Confidential; Priya Rao, beauty editor at Glossy; Jessica Cruel, deputy beauty director at Refinery29; Crystal Martin, writer for The New York Times; Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, hosts of the Breaking Beauty podcast; Monica Corcoran Harel, author and consultant; and Dr. Jennifer Walden, RealSelf expert and board-certified plastic surgeon. Read full article here.

Harper's BAZAAR's Senior Beauty Editor Jenna Rosenstein to Chat with Dr. Devgan About the Aesthetics Revolution at SXSW


Dr. Devgan and the RealSelf team have been busy organizing an amazing itinerary celebrating modern beauty kicking off this weekend, and culminating in a one-on-one conversation between Dr. Devgan and Harper’s BAZAAR’s Senior Beauty Editor, Jenna Rosenstein.

Rosenstein and Dr. Devgan will be chatting about the future of the Aesthetic Revolution: how the industry is being de-stigmatized, from the “uberization” of cosmetic enhancement, to the advancement and affordability of nonsurgical procedures. Dr. Devgan says, "Increased conversation, whether through mainstream media, social sharing, or a conference podium, can lead to greater understanding and acceptance. Our definition of beauty is evolving and more people are supporting the idea that it's about one individual and what makes them feel confident at the end of the day."

You won’t want to miss this chat! Be sure to stop by on Sunday, March 10 at 3:30pm on the 3rd floor of the Congressional Building. Click here for more details about this event.