The Stealthy Lies People Tell to Cover up Their Plastic Surgery - Dr. Devgan featured in Town & Country


Dr. Devgan was recently featured in Town & Country’s article “The Stealthy Lies People Tell to Cover up Their Plastic Surgery,” which breaks down the lengths patients will go to keep their work private, from hiding the financial proof to disguising the results.

The most common subterfuges surrounding cosmetic procedures center around the price tag. Shared bank accounts often make it difficult to keep personal investments private, so patients will utilize the use of cash, gift cards, or even by scheduling other medical treatments to mask their spending.

Though hiding side-affects like bruising and swelling often require creative ploys, the real challenge comes from explaining the final results. Dr. Devgan mentions the benefits of distraction, “"for example, bright red lipstick or a new hair color. The human mind just wants to hang its hat on something— not necessarily your full medical record— so if you look fresh and you just changed your hair color, that’s enough for most people.” Read the full article here.

Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Meghan Markle - Dr. Devgan featured on Yahoo! Lifestyle


Dr. Devgan was recently interviewed on Yahoo! Lifestyle in an article entitled “Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Meghan Markle.” The article explores one of the latest beauty trends: women modeling their cosmetic ideal after the Duchess of Cambridge.

Since Meghan Markle burst into international spotlight, women of all ethnicities are using her as their inspiration when visiting their plastic surgeons. Dr. Devgan mentions, “She represents the broadening of widespread cultural beauty standards that I think can make a lot more people feel at home in the world.” From her nose to her lips, even her skin, women are hoping to re-create Markle’s look. Dr. Devgan adds that her Gold Microinfusion Facial is one of the best solutions to achieve the flawless skin of the Duchess. This procedure “uses a small mechanized device to make thousands of controlled-depth needle punctures on the surface of the skin. Each one of those instills a minuscule quantity of a custom combination of botox, fillers and skincare products which work together to give the skin a really glowy look,” says Devgan.

The article also explores whether it’s healthy to envy another’s appearance. Devgan clearly notes the difference between the extremes, “If you’re trying to physically morph into another human being, that’s not realistic and it may speak to a larger problem in terms of your mindset and expectations, but if you’re using an image purely to communicate your goal or inspiration then I think that’s totally fine. Read the full article here.

Dr. Devgan to be featured at SXSW Modern Beauty Panel

With RealSelf debuting its House of Modern Beauty at this year’s SXSW, their Chief Medical Officer and board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Devgan will join beauty experts from Refinery29, Harper’s BAZAAR, and the New York Times to discuss everything modern beauty.

Why has society labeled those who care about their looks as superficial and lacking substance? Dr. Devgan recently shared on Instagram, “To me, modern beauty means empowering people to be their own kind of beautiful—no judgment, no hating, no toxicity, and no presumption that one person’s values should dictate what another person does with his or her face, body, and life.” If you can’t wait to hear more, be sure to join Dr. Devgan and the RealSelf team at SXSW!

Dr. Devgan will be featured at the Afternoon Chat on Saturday, March 9 at 1pm, and Beauty For Breakfast discussion on Sunday, March 10 at 7:30am. She’ll be opening up on what modern beauty means to her, the industries biggest trends, and what she sees in the future of medical aesthetics. Read full event preview here.

Why We Can’t Look Away From Before-And-After Pictures – Dr. Devgan featured on Vox Media


Dr. Devgan was recently featured on Vox Media in an article entitled “Why We Can’t Look Away From Before-And-After Pictures”, which explores the strangely compelling phenomenon of before-and-after photos, and why we’re drawn to transformations, albeit kitchen renovations, weight loss photos, and surgical alterations. 

Before-and-after photos offer us proof that certain achievements are possible, and therefore draw us in by making the idea of transformation relatable, implant a curiosity that leaves us wanting more, and provide us with a satisfying resolution.  Some outlets have even exploited our allure, misleading us with impractical results.  Facebook has banned such advertising for these reasons.  

Actual patient of Dr. Devgan

Actual patient of Dr. Devgan

Dr. Devgan feels that before-and-after photos offer her patients a realistic understanding of what they can expect from surgical and nonsurgical procedures.  She avoids misleading us by only posting photos of her actual patients, along with their actual results.  The accessibility of social media allows potential patients to easily explore her catalog of before-and-after photos on a variety of silhouettes, giving them a glimpse into all the transformation possibilities. Read the whole article here.

Why More 40-Somethings Than Ever Want Facelifts

Did you know that almost one-third of my facelift procedures have been for patients under the age of 50? Years ago facelifts seemed to be reserved for patients passed their prime in an attempt to turn back the clock. Rather than backpedaling the effects of aging, more and more people are taking preventative measures, seeking out these procedures earlier. Results can even have a greater impact since facial muscles and skin-elasticity are stronger at 40.

What’s more, modern innovation allows for faster procedure times, quicker recovery, and minimal scarring, buying patients nearly twice as much time as, say, taking nonsurgical routes to anti-aging. Read full article here.

Actual patient of Dr. Devgan, ethnicity: Middle Eastern. Before & 2 months after facelift

Actual patient of Dr. Devgan, ethnicity: Middle Eastern. Before & 2 months after facelift

RealSelf Announces Formation of Strategic Medical Advisory Council with Three Operating Boards; Unveils Inaugural Members of Business Advisory Board


RealSelf has just announced the formation of our new Medical Advisory Board, designed to create a better overall experience for you! RealSelf is entirely focused on creating a positive experience for patients seeking cosmetic procedures, and I’m proud to be the Chief Medical Officer of this trailblazing company.

The council is entirely made up of board-certified surgeons and clinicians, and consists of three boards covering business practices, medical reviews, and industry standards. We’ll utilize our own expertise, along with your feedback to offer the best services and products to our RealSelf Family! Read full article here.

RealSelf Ranks the "Most Worth It" Surgical and Nonsurgical Aesthetic Procedures Based on Consumers' Worth It Ratings


Can you guess 2019’s most “worth it” procedures based on RealSelf’s Worth It Ranking? With plastic surgery becoming more mainstream than ever, over 2,000 patients across the United States shared their opinions on which procedures they felt were the most worth it. Breast augmentation procedures took four of the top five surgical scores, with implant removal, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction all scoring 98% - 99% “worth it”.

Injectable procedures like the nonsurgical rhinoplasty and the lip augmentation both scored within the ninetieth percentile for nonsurgical procedures. What procedures have been the most worth it for you?

Check out the full article here.


Increasing the number of women in leadership positions is a trend many hope to see continue in 2019. As an award-winning plastic surgeon, CEO of Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, Chief Medical Officer of Real Self, and mother to 6 kids, Dr. Devgan is an incredible example of how successful female leaders can be.

According to Alisa Lask, in most industries in the U.S women hold just 25% of senior leadership positions, while women in the healthcare field hold 49% of those top posts. Galderma hopes to accelerate the trend of women in leadership roles in medical societies, conducting clinical research, supporting training organizations, and to foster support for female focused aesthetic business ownership.

Dr Devgan has been asked to join a select group of leaders who will work together as an Expert Panel of Advisors. With the council Galderma hopes to shape a nationwide course of action for supporting female providers in aesthetics.

Click here to read the press release regarding the formation of the Women in Aesthetics Leadership Council.

Galderma - women in aesthetic leadership.PNG


More than four in five U.S. adults want to improve their personal well being or appearance in 2019. 36 percent are considering cosmetic treatments according to a new RealSelf survey. 33 percent of adults are considering non surgical treatments and 22 percent are considering surgical procedures in 2019. Women, specifically millennials ages 18 - 34 and parents with children under the age of 18.

"People want to make positive changes in their lives and take steps to look as good as they feel," says Dr. Devgan who is RealSelf Chief Medical Officer and board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Devgan shares how the survey reinforces the trends she and colleagues have been observing on RealSelf. Dr. Devgan has also been seeing adults in their 20s and 30s in her own practice prioritizing self-care. Some view cosmetic treatments as part of their holistic health and beauty routine. New technologies and invasive treatment options enter the market ever year while procedures are becoming more accessible.

RealSelf is the leading online marketplace for people to learn and share experiences about cosmetic procedures and connect with the right providers. Millions of people from around the world visit RealSelf each month to browse patient reviews, before and after photos, and medical expert answers to discover which treatments and providers live up to their promise of being "Worth It." From simple skincare to emerging nonsurgical technologies to highly considered cosmetic surgeries, RealSelf makes it easy to get the insights needed to make smart, confident decisions and find the right provider. 

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