Dr. Lara Devgan has won the 2018 Doctors Choice City Winner Award! Dr. Devgan has been receiving the highest number of doctor reviews. With an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars she has shown how consistency leads to quality remarks. Out of the 6,000 nominees for the 2018 year she has emerged the winner.

Dr. Kay Durairaj, one of Dr. Devgan’s colleagues is quoted saying “Dr. Lara Devgan is meticulous, detail-oriented, caring, and spectacular as a surgeon. Her plastic surgery skills make her the doctor’s doctor. She has an amazing educational pedigree and her techniques in the operating room are unparalleled. I give her my highest recommendation as a surgeon, and would recommend her without reservation for my own patients, family and friends. “

Another colleague, Baldev Devgan MD, FACS “Lara Devgan, MD, FACS is a most outstanding and excellent Plastic Surgeon. She has been trained at the top Universities and Colleges. Along with her excellent training her clinical and surgical experience is vast and great. Her bedside manner is well received by her patients. All the patients referred to her have the best experience with her. Her surgical results are very good. I strongly support her for the Doctors Choice Award .”

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Kyle Richards has been accused of getting surgery done in the past but in most recent claims fans and foes are accusing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star of getting a mini- face lift! Kyle Richards looks have changed over the years and fans are questioning what her secret is. The Bravolebrity has admitted she under went a nose job in 2006.

In a recent Instagram post Kyle revealed she has treatments like botox and lasers done. Kyle later revealed that PRP treatment on her face and lasers is what keeps her looking young and fresh. Dr. Devgan explains that a PRP treatment is a Platelet- rich Plasma protein that is extracted from the patients own blood. The patient's blood is inserted into a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. Platelet- rich Plasma is a clear, yellow fluid that has an increased concentration of growth factors than regular blood. It is used to encourage healing the growth and is also known as "liquid gold."

Platelet-rich plasma has been praised as “liquid gold” for its all the benefits it has for the skin. The plasma is the important component which contains a high concentration of platelets, stem cells, and growth factors. After filtering out the blood cells, you are left with a yellowish liquid full of plasma and a higher than normal amount of platelets.The PRP can then be injected like a dermal filler into the patient’s face, or it can be used with micro needling! You may have heard of micro needling with PRP before, as it is commonly referred to as the “vampire facelift.”

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Over the last 20 years machines and injectables has risen. Though machines are still popular for surgeries, how can one resist a non-surgical armamentarium: a powerful way to lift and tighten the skin. Non surgical procedures mean little to no down time and who can fault that!? A Boston- based biotech company called Cytrellis comes the world's first ever dermal micro-coring device.

This is an energy- free needling tool that mechanically drills out minuscule columns of skin- each less than half a millimeter in diameter. This shrinks the surface area of your overall skin. Unlike a facelift, micro-coring does not affect the muscles or fascia of the face. The main goal of a surgery other than trimming away skin is to hoist the fallen skin to recapture a more youthful version of your face. Micro- coring might just be the new non surgical facelift.

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Plastic surgeons don’t mess around when it comes to their own complexions! Skin care is one of Dr. Devgan’s non-negotiable self care habits. We should all take notes! Dr. Devgan along with many others in her field tell us about their attentive skin-care routines and must have treatments.

We are getting the inside scoop from morning to night! Dr. Devgan is not only the founder of her own practice in New York City, a wife and mother of 6 children, and the Chief Medical Officer of RealSelf but she is also the CEO of Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty. She has an array of skincare products she uses every day to keep her skin staying beautiful and glowing.

Dr. Devgan’s complexion stays glowing with her own medical- grade- skin-care line. She swears by the Platinum Revitalizing Cleanser, Platinum Hylauronic Serum, Platinum Eye Repair Complex, and the Platinum SPF 45 Daily Tinted BB Cream. During the evening Dr. Devgan ends her day with the Platinum Vitamin C+, Platinum Glow Serum and The Neck’s Best Thing.

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MTV’S “True Life” one of the first reality television shows to air is coming back after 21 years! Why? Our social media obsessed society has decided that the Kardashian clan is what defines 2019 beauty standards. The first episode of the the Emmy award- winning reality show focuses on people obsessed with looking like the Kardashians. Women are feeling pressured to have a big butt and fake breasts.

Plastic surgery and procedures have evolved dramatically over the decades. In the past people did not feel as comfortable being open about wanting cosmetic plastic surgery. Now, in 2019 celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have paved the way for society to be open and confident regarding cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

According to Dr. Devgan there is less guilt about undergoing procedures. “Five or 10 years ago, people might have brought in pictures of a magazine cover supermodel. Now, they're bringing in pictures of themselves, but just in a slightly optimized way." In a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons scientists have called “Snapchat dysmorphia” one of the reasons plastic surgery is steadily increasing. The most popular being the Brazilian butt lift. This focuses on enhancing the overall size, shape, and perkiness of the backside.

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What is lip contouring? It is the newest procedure being performed on women and men. It is done under local anesthesia using a tiny blade to make an incision beneath the nose at the edge of your nostrils, ultimately raising your upper lip. The procedure is done in Dr. Devgan’s office, taking only 20 minutes. How could you not love this method!?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of lip augmentations has risen by 60% from 2000- 2017. In the past patients were not as willing to be up front about surgeries. Now with the various social media platforms, patients are more than willing to share there experiences and procedures.

Dr. Devgan’s Platinum Lip Plump is a great addition to lip contouring. It has been featured in InStyle. Vogue, OK Magazine along with other beauty and fashion outlets. It has been clinically proven to make lips look fuller and plumper. 90% of patients reported improved lip volume and 100% of patients reported improvement in hydration and coloration.

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Dr. Devgan is featured on Mommybites- Does breastfeeding really ruin your breasts?

Does breastfeeding really ruin your breasts?

This article was featured in the "Healthy Living" section of national online women's magazine Mommybites.

By Dr. Lara Devgan

Image credit therantsinmypants.wordpress.com

Image credit therantsinmypants.wordpress.com

When it comes to feeding your baby, pediatricians and lactation consultants agree: breast is best. Breast milk gives your baby the most optimal mix of nutrients, proteins, fats, and antibodies to help him grow strong and healthy. There is even research that shows that breastfeeding decreases rates of breast cancer in women. So what is there not to love?

Well, in between feedings, diaper changes, and the chaos of childrearing, many women worry about what breastfeeding does to their breasts. Those supple curves that were once the centerpiece of feminine mystique have evolved into a combination of baby restaurant, refrigerator, and bottle warmer. They are engorged then deflated. The nipples are raw. They are covered with stretch marks.

Will they ever be the same again?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Not completely, at least. Unless you are one of the genetically blessed among us, breastfeeding leads to some of the following physiologic consequences in women:

  • Ptosis. This is the medical term for drooping. You may notice after breastfeeding one or more babies that your breasts sit lower on your chest wall than they used to. The nipples might point downward. There may be more contact between the skin on the underside of your breasts and the skin of your chest. If you feel that your breasts look better in a bra, when they are supported higher up on your body, this may mean you have ptosis.
  • Deflation. After breasts go through the process of engorgement and deflation several times a day for weeks or months, they begin to lose their elasticity. This is manifested in the “deflated” look of the top part of the breast. You may notice that your breasts don’t fill your clothes in the same way, or that you don’t have the cleavage you used to have.
  • Skin changes. With weight changes of pregnancy and lactation, the skin may develop stretch marks. Sometimes these will fade over time, as hormonal levels normalize. Other times they will stay. The skin will also lose some of its elasticity– like a rubber band that is a couple of years old, it may not pop right back into a pre-maternity position.

What can you do to fix that?

Image credit postpregnancywellness.com

Image credit postpregnancywellness.com

Wear a well-fitting and supportive bra at all times, even when you are sleeping.

This will reduce some of the burden on your skin and connective tissue to hold up your breasts. You may need a few different bras for the various stages of pregancy and breastfeeding, when your breast size may fluctuate.

Keep your skin well moisturized.

There isn’t one “magic bullet” stretch mark cream on the market that has been proven to work in all women. However, research does show that using a hypoallergenic lotion to keep your skin hydrated can keep you looking younger. Don’t bother spending a fortune on a pricey department store brand. An unscented body lotion from the drug store will be just fine.

Try to pump or nurse on a somewhat regular schedule.

Keeping your breasts from getting maximally engorged before expectorating the milk can help limit the swing in breast size from one extreme to the other -which in turn reduces some of the tissue damage that can come with breastfeeding.

See your doctor or lactation consultant if you have cracked nipples, bleeding, or warm red breasts.

These can all be signs of a medical problem that needs to be addressed right away.

And what about after you wean your baby?

Image credit pacificmotionbirth.com

Image credit pacificmotionbirth.com

If you have stopped breastfeeding and you are unhappy with the way your breasts look, there are many options for a “mommy makeover” of your chest. These include a breast lift, breast augmentation (implants), a breast lift with implants, and a breast reduction.

Plastic surgery on your breasts is not recommended if you have breastfed in the previous six months. If you are over 40 or you have a personal or family history of breast or ovarian cancer, you will probably need a mammogram before having any kind of breast surgery. And of course, medical advice is best given by a well-trained plastic surgeon who has actually examined you and seen you as a patient.

The good news is that cosmetic breast surgery is quite safe, extremely common, and makes many women very happy. Breast implants are one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in America, and they are safe for future breastfeeding if you decide to have more kids later. Moreover, they have not been shown to delay the detection of breast cancer, which is something that women are sometimes afraid of.

If you think cosmetic breast surgery may be right for you, talk to your plastic surgeon.


Click to read Dr. Devgan's article on Mommybites

Click to read Dr. Devgan's article on Mommybites