Dr. Lara Devgan has won the 2018 Doctors Choice City Winner Award! Dr. Devgan has been receiving the highest number of doctor reviews. With an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars she has shown how consistency leads to quality remarks. Out of the 6,000 nominees for the 2018 year she has emerged the winner.

Dr. Kay Durairaj, one of Dr. Devgan’s colleagues is quoted saying “Dr. Lara Devgan is meticulous, detail-oriented, caring, and spectacular as a surgeon. Her plastic surgery skills make her the doctor’s doctor. She has an amazing educational pedigree and her techniques in the operating room are unparalleled. I give her my highest recommendation as a surgeon, and would recommend her without reservation for my own patients, family and friends. “

Another colleague, Baldev Devgan MD, FACS “Lara Devgan, MD, FACS is a most outstanding and excellent Plastic Surgeon. She has been trained at the top Universities and Colleges. Along with her excellent training her clinical and surgical experience is vast and great. Her bedside manner is well received by her patients. All the patients referred to her have the best experience with her. Her surgical results are very good. I strongly support her for the Doctors Choice Award .”

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Kyle Richards has been accused of getting surgery done in the past but in most recent claims fans and foes are accusing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star of getting a mini- face lift! Kyle Richards looks have changed over the years and fans are questioning what her secret is. The Bravolebrity has admitted she under went a nose job in 2006.

In a recent Instagram post Kyle revealed she has treatments like botox and lasers done. Kyle later revealed that PRP treatment on her face and lasers is what keeps her looking young and fresh. Dr. Devgan explains that a PRP treatment is a Platelet- rich Plasma protein that is extracted from the patients own blood. The patient's blood is inserted into a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. Platelet- rich Plasma is a clear, yellow fluid that has an increased concentration of growth factors than regular blood. It is used to encourage healing the growth and is also known as "liquid gold."

Platelet-rich plasma has been praised as “liquid gold” for its all the benefits it has for the skin. The plasma is the important component which contains a high concentration of platelets, stem cells, and growth factors. After filtering out the blood cells, you are left with a yellowish liquid full of plasma and a higher than normal amount of platelets.The PRP can then be injected like a dermal filler into the patient’s face, or it can be used with micro needling! You may have heard of micro needling with PRP before, as it is commonly referred to as the “vampire facelift.”

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