Harper’s Bazaar interviews Dr. Devgan about all things fillers

In this September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Dr. Devgan gives her medical and artistic expertise on fillers. Many people have a preconception about fillers and Dr. Devgan is here to explain how they have evolved from something frowned upon to a revolutionary superhero when it comes to smoothening and plumping the skin.

Dr. Devgan explains how she uses enhanced fillers with special attributes and anatomic considerations in order to achieve a more natural-looking result. For building a better bone structure, Dr. Devgan will use Radiesse, “a structural, calcium-based filler.” This is for patients who want to see definition in their cheekbones, jaw line, or chin.  For the patient who wants a perkier derrière or rounded hips, Dr. Devgan uses Sculptra to “create a smoother and softer result.” These advances in fillers allow patients to have results that will last longer with indefinite collagen.

Dr. Devgan reminds readers that the collagen induction takes months and that results are not instantaneous. That being said, it is important that the right about of filler is added so that an overly puffy look is not achieved. If you are not loving your filler or want to achieve a different look, requesting a consultation is recommended. Dr. Devgan believes filler is something that needs to be done by someone with anatomic expertise and significant experience in order to be satisfied. Read the excerpt below to learn more.