Vogue magazine interviews Dr. Devgan about LED therapy

Vogue Magazine highlights Dr. Devgan in August’s beauty issue regarding her expertise in LED therapy and whether it is worth your time. Many people struggle with controlling acne and this article features Dr. Devgan’s approach and what she believes is the best treatment.

The article describes how LED skincare therapy stimulates collagen production, kills bacteria, and smooths skin. Dr. Devgan goes in-depth by sharing how “the basic idea is that targeted photo energy can cause skin remodeling, controlled depth injuries and healing responses, and killing of P acnes, the bacteria that causes acne.”

Dr. Devgan assures her patients that “LED is extremely low energy and thus very safe.” She recommends this treatment be done in conjunction with invasive treatments, like her micro-needling, in order to help calm the skin down. The available LED products for at-home use are not as strong and will require being extra careful, but will still do the same trick. For more information, read the article here.