PR Newswire calls on Dr. Devgan, Chief Medical Editor of RealSelf, to explain why people travel for aesthetic procedures

PR Newswire released a study on people who search for the right aesthetic providers online and consult Dr. Devgan as a medical expert to clarify important details. RealSelf, the leading online resource to research aesthetic procedures and connect with doctors, has found that nearly half (45%) of its users looks for a provider outside of their home state. Being that Dr. Devgan is the Chief Medical Editor of RealSelf, her knowledge on the topic helps explain why this is so.

Dr. Devgan begins by explaining how RealSelf allows patients to “have greater access to information” and enables people to “research doctors in every country.” This is useful because states like New York, California, and Florida are the most popular amongst the United States for people to travel to for aesthetic procedures. Since not everyone can live in one of these three states, Dr. Devgan and RealSelf work together to make people feel “less inhibited by travel” and “have more freedom to make the decision that’s best for them.”

Dr. Devgan’s practice has grown tremendously over the past years and will continue to grow. Her patients travel from all around the world and span six of the seven continents. It is her work with RealSelf that gives people the comfort and information they need to be confident they are using the right doctor for their procedure. If you do not live in New York City but are interested in traveling and making an appointment to see Dr. Devgan, RealSelf is a great resource to begin in order to learn more about Dr. Devgan and some procedures she performs. Additionally, for those that are curious, her website offers the option of seeing areas she performs on and learning about her approaches to procedures. To read the article, click here.