The Sun Online consults Dr. Devgan for DIY Filler Accidents

The Sun Online looks to Dr. Lara Devgan for medical assistance in regards to a DIY facial filler mistake. A woman, 26, has suffered from major skin issues after purchasing fillers from Fillerworld, a supplier of branded products for beauty enhancement in the UK. After having a bad reaction and ending up in the hospital for accident and emergency services, The Sun Online received knowledge and information about the topic from Dr. Devgan, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

The idea of being able to take a nice selfie to post on Instagram is what initially sparked Kelly’s interest in fillers. After seeing the dramatically low prices on Fillerworld’s website, she instantly decided to give herself the procedure. Dr. Devgan explains to readers how “social media and the internet have made injectables look so easy”, which is why people are trying to do them themselves. The “facial anatomy is incredibly complex” Dr. Devgan explains, and when people begin to blindly inject themselves they get horribly injured. Dr. Devgan goes on to share how people who self-inject in order to save money will most likely pay up later in order to have the damage reversed.

If you are victim to receiving risky facial fillers, it is extremely important to seek treatment immediately. Filler is something that can be dissolved, so it is important to notice the early signs and take action as soon as possible. If you are concerned or need a second opinion the best option is to seek an appointment from a trusted plastic surgeon.