Forbes includes a visit to Dr. Devgan's Office as an ultimate destination for NYC beauty and wellness spots

Forbes has created the ultimate guide for quintessential wellness and beauty destinations in New York City, and a visit to Dr. Devgan’s office is without a doubt one of the highly anticipated stops. From places to stay, to places to workout, and to places to refresh and rejuvenate, it is no question as to why visiting Dr. Devgan for a consultation makes the list. Being that “over 90% of plastic surgery treatments are made on women but 90% of plastic surgeons are men,” Dr. Devgan is able to give her patients a little bit more as she firmly believes in the importance of helping everyone be the best version of themselves.

There is a stigma today that you can either be a woman with substance or a superficial woman, not both, however Dr. Devgan abides by is the idea that “you can be a woman with substance but also care about your appearance.” In today’s world, there have been major technological advances which means changes can be made “without any incisions [or] any scars and you can go right back to work, no one has to know.” This circles back to Dr. Devgan’s ideals of empowerment. Being that half of Dr. Devgan’s practice is surgery and the other half is non-surgical procedures, she really is the epitome of the future of beauty.

In addition to a visit to Dr. Devgan’s office, readers are encouraged to try Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, a carefully formulated luxury, medical-grade skincare line developed by Dr. Devgan herself. Even if you can’t make it in to the office for an appointment you can still get “the kind of result [you] want from plastic surgery but in ‘at home’ comfort.” If you are in New York or planning a visit to the city and are interested in visiting Dr. Devgan the best way to book a consultation is by calling 212.452.2400. If you are interested in any of the Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty skincare products click here.