Glam features Dr. Devgan to explain the nipple injection trend

Dr. Devgan is featured on Glam, the premiere digital platform, as a medical expert on the latest trend, nipple injections. Women used to go to extremes to hide their nipples and now they are doing everything possible to embrace them. Dubbed “designer nipples,” we see countless amounts of celebrities running around in t-shirts and tank tops without a bra. Creating the perfect braless look is something every women is trying hard to achieve, and now with nipple injections it is possible, explains Dr. Devgan.

Dr. Devgan explains how “filler in the nipples is a no-downtime nonsurgical way to improve the projection and prominence of nipples that are flat or inverted.” While it may seem crazy, she clarifies how “many patients desire more prominent nipples to accentuate the shape and femininity of the breasts.” Some celebrities who are dominating this look include Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Halle Berry.

Furthermore, Dr. Devgan theorizes that the rise in nipple injections has much to do with the body positive movement. With the increasing emphasis on revealing clothing styles and body positivity, “people are more comfortable expressing themselves in a variety of ways.” If you are interested in accentuating your nipples and joining the “Free the Nipple” movement, planning a consultation would be best, that way you can explain what look you are going for and to get a better idea of the procedure.