Dr. Devgan explains to Yahoo! Finance readers the overall reason for cosmetic procedures

In this article, Dr. Devgan further explains why we see a rise in the cosmetic procedure trend amongst men and women during the holiday season. As the RealSelf chief medical editor, Dr. Devgan’s view on this discussion is highly valued. The two mutually exclusive beauty trends today mentioned by Yahoo! Finance are: supporting body positivity and rejecting unrealistic norms, as well as openly undergoing cosmetic procedures in order to look and feel one’s best. While they are quite different, Dr. Devgan has the answer.

While the holiday season is seen as a time to unwind, relax, and be with family, it is also a period when “most patients seek [cosmetic] procedures to feel like the best version of themselves” explains Dr. Devgan. This is because non-surgical cosmetic procedures require minimum recovery time which will allow patients join in on the holiday festivities and look their best.

Procedures such as botox and fillers are non-surgical cosmetic procedures that require little recovery time and are popular amongst men and women who want to look camera-ready for all of the holiday photos. As it is a high-volume season, if you are interested in getting something done before the holidays, it is recommended that you seek a consultation in order to see optimal results.