Lip Lifts on the Rise: Dr. Devgan Featured in Harper's Bazaar

Lip injections are the perfect option for adding volume and creating shape to the lips. But what if you want something that lasts more than 6-8 months? As silicone implants are (thankfully) outdated, there is a lesser-known procedure that outlasts lip injections-- a lip lift. Dr. Devgan is featured on Harper’s Bazaar’s recent article on the rising lip lift.


Dr. Devgan commonly performs lip lifts, which is a surgical procedure that lifts the lip by making a small incision under the nose “to increase the amount of pink lip you see, helping lips look youthful and full.” This procedure is perfect for both younger patients and older patients for different reasons. Dr. Devgan usually sees younger patients for lip lifts “Who are tired of the endless treadmill of lip filler,” and for older patients who are “Frustrated with the elongation of this area of the mouth that used to be a little more proportionate.”

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to lip fillers, and can have down time for about a week until the stitches come out, then a lip lift could be the surgery for you. Read the full article here