Dr. Devgan's Take on Achieving the Perfect Jawline Featured in New Beauty

The trend of “razor-sharp jawlines” is on the rise, and we are here for ALL of it. In New Beauty’s recent article, The Right Angles, Dr. Devgan was interviewed on people’s increased interest in procedures for jawline sculpting. From filler to kybella to buccal fat pad excision, there are tons of options for people who are looking to add more definition to the jawline. This article discusses 3 different ways to achieve this look.


The first way to create a jawline contour is to “Shrink.” These options include  fat blasting tools like kybella, CoolSculpt, submental liposuction, and buccal fat pad excision. In this article, Dr. Devgan speaks on buccal fat pad excision, which is quickly becoming one of her most-asked-for procedures. While performing a buccal fat pad excision,  Dr. Devgan focuses on the small, highly detailed nuances of the face, which “Decreases the heaviness of the tissue that contributes to jowling” and “Debulksheaviness [that] can create a cleaner, leaner jawline contour.”

Another way to create jawline contour is to “Shape.” These options include botox in the masseters, dermal filler in the jawline, and adding chin implants for a more permanent solution. As Dr. Devgan’s signature facial optimization has become popularized, many patients want non-surgical and non-invasive options to contour the jawline using injectable filler. 

If you are looking for a  more invasive and permanent solution to contour the jawline, you can “Elevate” with surgical procedures. Dr. Devgan’s favorite surgical procedure is a facelift, which is by far the gold standard for any laxity or drooping skin on the face and neck. By focusing on the unique structure of the face, facelifts help to create a defined jawline that accentuates that natural shape of the face. Whether you are looking for a surgical or non-surgical procedure, there are many options to create the perfect jawline.