Dr. Devgan, Hilaria Baldwin, and Daphne Oz Chat on Mom Brain, a Popular Podcast for and about Moms

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Dr. Devgan was recently featured on Mom Brain, a popular podcast by Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz. Hilaria Baldwin is a successful businesswoman, author, and contributor on the Today Show and People magazine. Daphne Oz, Mom Brain co-host, is an Emmy-winning TV host and author. In a world where society is slowly accepting that women can do as they please to look and feel their best, this podcast highlights the ways that moms and women everywhere can use plastic surgery as a means to do just that!Together, these Beauty Bosses discussed plastic surgery and motherhood and how the two can be connected.

Being a mom changes a woman’s body and Dr. Devgan dished with Hilaria and Daphne about how plastic surgery procedures can help address areas of concern. With women being more powerful and thus more busy, it is no wonder that we want to indulge and invest in self care. Injectables or surgical procedures can be a form of self care in the lives of busy moms that long for their pre-baby body. Dr. Devgan’s expertise as being one of NY’s most sought after doctors brings clarity and information surrounding procedures such as breast augmentations, breast lifts, facial fillers and neurotoxins. She explains the difference between surgical and nonsurgical methods and what the best fit for someone might be.

From eyebrows arches, to softening your complexion to boob jobs, Dr. Devgan discusses the best tips and techniques to get the desired look you want. As Dr. Devgan says "aging gracefully is the goal, but every once in a while your biology sets you up that makes you feel older than you are,” so listen as the doctor, Hilaria, and Daphne chat and keep their listeners informed about the world of beauty.

Listen to the episode of Mom Brain here.

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