The Plum features Dr. Devgan on Procedures for the Nose, surgical and non-surgical options

Author Pamela Christiani writes about how the nose can change over time and one can become unhappy with those changes. Her obsession with nose jobs led her to Dr. Devgan, who performs both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasties.


“‘It’s not that the nose is necessarily growing, but it may not be supported in the exact same way as when you were younger. Ligament structures can shift and cartilage can warp and change over time.’ Dr. Devgan stresses that even the tiniest of shifts in the face, millimeters in size, can be visible. The bottom line: signs of aging can occur anywhere on the face, and the nose is no exception.”

Dr. Devgan explains how she uses filler to provide optical illusions for the nose to balance out the overall shape and proportion. “This element of “try-before-you-buy” is popular now, in Dr. Devgan’s practice. “Many of my patients just prefer a less invasive approach,” she says. That said, “surgical rhinoplasty is a more powerful procedure that allows you to do more. You can remove tissue, shave down bone, and adjust cartilage, maneuvers that are not possible with injectables,” she stresses. A non-surgical nose job can be done in minutes with virtually no downtime.”

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