Dr. Devgan Featured in New Beauty's Comprehensive Guide to Facelift Surgery


New Beauty Magazine recently published an article citing top plastic surgeons on the past, present, and future of facelift surgery. Dr. Devgan, among the elite facelift specialists, weighed in on important questions, including when to consider a facelift and what to expect after the procedure, focusing on patient education and awareness.

Dr. Devgan is featured as the article questions if there is a right time to consider a facelift, stating “When it’s not just some horizontal forehead lines anymore—it’s midface descent, jowling and laxity of the neck. Those, to me, are the three stigmata of facial aging that are the most difficult to fix with fillers.” Dr. Devgan ultimately advises that facelifts are empowered to “solve one or more of those problems in a way the technique of injectables is not powered to handle.”

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Dr. Devgan also weighs in on her predictions of what the future of facelift surgery will bring. She predicts “smaller interventions at earlier ages, shorter incisions in more discreet locations, and even more conservative and natural-looking results.” Dr. Devgan also places importance on furthering patient education. She states that “savvy patients will realize that what matters most is a surgeon’s training, aesthetic judgment and delicacy of dissection—not the marketing of a new, well-branded term.”