"Now, Stickers with Microneedles can Help Fix Everything from Acne to Wrinkles" - Dr. Devgan Featured on Vogue


Vogue.com recently published an article “Now, Stickers with Microneedles can Help Fix Everything from Acne to Wrinkles,” which garners expert opinions on the latest at skincare innovations, from lasers to acne vacuums. Dr. Devgan shares her advice on today’s top skincare solutions.

When it comes to cystic acne, the best solutions are those beyond topical creams. The pimples are too deep in the skin, and require more invasive techniques. “The most innovative new skincare delivery system is microinfusion. In your doctor’s office, that comes in the form of microinfusion microneedling (aka the botox facial with PRP), but for at-home products, the microdart technology has the same idea of active ingredients being placed closer to where they need to be,” Dr. Devgan shares. These methods allow the skin-healing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and salicycle acid to reach the infected areas more effectively.

The article goes on to address other skincare concerns like hyperpigmentation and sagging, tired skin. As there are a number of new products out on the market claiming to solve these problems, they aren’t going to be as effective as injectable fillers or medial facials. Specifically, Dr. Devgan’s IPL photo facial is a perfect solution for hyperpigmentation concerns. Additionally, when it comes to sagging skin, very few products on the market are going to provide as effective results as injectable fillers. Read full article here.