Dr. Devgan featured in Refinery29 on Jeuveau, a New Injectable


Refinery29 recently published an article in which Jeuveau is discussed.


Jeuveau is “the first new neurotoxin approved for aesthetic usage in nearly a decade.” “Like Botox, Jeuveau has a molecular weight of 900 kDa, but they're produced in different facilities and are derived from different strains of the same toxin. (Botox, or onabotulinumtoxinA, is made by Allergan in Westport, Ireland; Jeuveau, or prabotulinumtoxinA, comes out of Seoul, South Korea.) The risks and potential side effects listed by the companies are also identical.” Jeuveau’s marketing strategy is what seems to be setting it apart from other neurotoxins.

Dr. Devgan states that "The most novel thing about Jeuveau is its unique marketing strategy — targeting younger millennials in a fresher way, with emojis, an app, diverse models, and lots of pink." With Botox already being wildly popular, she suspects that Jeuveau “is appealing to a whole new group of consumers that is aging into the aesthetic marketplace today." Despite anecdotal evidence that Jeuveau may last longer, Dr Devgan says “There has been no research that demonstrates a statistically significant difference in duration as compared to other neurotoxins."

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