NewBeauty publishes Dr. Devgan's opinion on the future of Facelifting

The article “Is This the Future of Facelifting?” from NewBeauty features Dr. Devgan’s facelift forecasts for 2019 in which she discusses her opinion that as patients become more savvy, what matters most is the surgeon.

“I predict smaller interventions at earlier ages, shorter incisions in more discreet locations, and even more conservative and natural-look-ing results. The ‘Park Avenue 1990s’ look— surprised, taut, shiny—is definitely over,” says New York plastic surgeon Lara Devgan, MD. “I also foresee more educated consumers who will be less susceptible to the marketing of confusion—this strange notion that every plastic surgeon has a new and wholly unique method for well-established procedures such as browlift, facelift and necklift. There are a number of variations in surgical techniques, and every procedure is customized to every patient, but eventually savvy patients will realize that what matters most is a surgeon’s training, aesthetic judgment and delicacy of dissection—not the marketing of a new, well-branded term.”

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