Dr. Devgan featured in NewBeauty on Facelift Downtimes

A facelift surgery can be a nerve-wracking experience but with medical advances, it is a procedure that is now more patient- friendly. NewBeauty recently published a piece on what can be expected in the aftermath of a facelift. In the article, plastic surgeons discuss their opinions on downtimes and recovery times for a facelift.

Dr. Devgan writes “It’s not uncommon for bruising and swelling to last several weeks. You want to stay well-hydrated, minimize salty foods and sleep on your back with your head elevated on two pillows. Stitches come out about a week after surgery. After two weeks, most people look and feel good enough to dine out, and by four to six weeks, they’re comfortable going to big events. Final results—complete healing and scar maturation—typically take a full year.”

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