"11 Doctors Can't Be Wrong About Skin Care" - Dr. Devgan Featured on Glamour.com

Glamour.com recently published a video, asking top doctors all our skincare questions. Dr. Devgan was among the elite list, offering her expertise to the beauty site. Rather than stopping short of a second or third opinion, Glamour got eleven opinions on skincare FAQs, from how to safely tan to the next big thing in skincare.

“Stop touching your skin. That’s the worst crime you can commit!” Dr. Devgan starts off the video by saying. We go on to hear many dos and don’ts, and all there is in between. “There is no healthy way to tan. The sun will give you oxidative damage to the skin, increase fine lines, it’ll give you brown spots, make you look older, and it might give you cancer.” This was a major “don’t”, as the other doctors chimed in in agreement, and adding that the only safe way to tan is out of a bottle, no matter how dark your skin is.

The video goes on to debunk major misconceptions about lip injections, most notably that you won’t leave the doctor’s office looking like Jessica Rabbit, and they can, in fact, be removed. The video concludes with what may possibly be the most exciting question, asking the doctors, “what’s the next big thing in skincare?” From CBD oil-infused products, to bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol, there seem to be quite a few products up and coming. Dr. Devgan adds, “I think honey bee propolis is going to be the next big thing. It’s a wound heeling agent that you actually find in surgical ICUs and burn units all over the world, and increasingly we’re using it to moisturize the skin.”