"DIY Beauty Injectables are Fueling a ‘horrifying’ Online Black Market" - New York Post Seeks Outs Dr. Devgan's Expertise.


The New York Post recently published the article “DIY Beauty Injectables are Fueling a ‘horrifying’ Online Black Market,” exploring the dangerous new trend of online injectable sales and tutorials. Dr. Devgan was consulted for her expertise on why this is such a risky practice.

With private, online merchants selling at-home injectable kits, some for as low as $85 (syringe included), and an increased presence of Youtube tutorial videos on how to properly perform the procedure, more people are experimenting with DIY procedures. Dr. Devgan says, “This is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible trends I’ve heard of, because facial anatomy is incredibly complex. The risks include tissue death, permanent blindness and disfigurement.”

This seems to have become an epidemic: as soon as tutorial videos are taken down, two more pop. Dr. Devgan adds, “social media and the Internet have made injectables look so easy, but the technical aspects of these procedures require extensive knowledge of tissue behavior and anatomic relationship.” Read the full article here.