"Surgical Cosmetic Procedures of the Face" - Dr. Devgan's Latest Article Published by Elsevier


Dr. Devgan’s most recent essay, “Surgical Cosmetic Procedures of the Face,” has just been published by Elsevier, an online resource for professionals and institutions working to advance healthcare, science, and technology. In her article, Dr. Devgan provides an overview of select facial procedures, including the blepharoplasty, brow lift, lip lift, rhinoplasty, rhytidectomy, lower rhytidectomy (neck lift), and submental liposuction, along with techniques for each. These facial surgeries mean to address a number of age-related concerns, such as tissue laxity, hollowing around the eyes, heaviness of the nasolabial folds and jowls, and weakening of the muscular tissues of the head and neck. For each of these procedures, Dr. Devgan discusses her surgical technique, anesthesia requirements, and potentials risk and/or scarring concerns.

Dr. Devgan divides her discussion of the above procedures into three sections: upper face, mid face, and lower face, with the upper face procedures consisting of the brow lift, lower blepharoplasty, and upper blepharoplasty. The brow lift aims at “addressing frown muscle imbalance, upper eyelid aesthetics, lateral temporal laxity, and abnormal expression.” The blepharoplasty addresses tired-looking eyes, droopy eyelids, and skin laxity around the eye area.


For mid face procedures, Dr. Devgan begins with the rhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty can encompass a number of nose-related concerns, which she highlights individually: the dorsal hump, deviated septum, nasal tip rotation and projection, and nasal osteotomies. She concludes her mid face subsection, with the lip lift, which improves vertical height of the lip, while also addressing an elongated philtrum.

Wrapping up her article, Dr. Devgan discusses lower face surgeries, including face and neck lifts, and submental liposuction. For the face and neck lift, she says “the focus is placed on resuspending the muscular substructure,” which restores bone structure and definition to the jaw, cheek, and neck. Submental liposuction is performed to address aging and unwanted fat deposition around the neck and chin areas, or a double chin. The procedure brings back definition and jaw contouring to this area. Read the full article here.