""Everything to Know About Getting a Facelift" - Dr. Devgan Offers Expertise to Yahoo


Yahoo News recently published the article “Everything You Need to Know About Facelifts”, detailing one of the most common plastic surgeries, from pre-op and post-op rules, variations of the procedure, and nuances and innovations of the procedure.   

Though many patients take advantage of noninvasive alternatives to conquer the effects of aging, the facelift is the gold standard for more permanent results. Though facelifts have advanced considerably over the years from simply tightening the skin, to now restoring facial musculature and reviving the youthful appearance of our younger selves, the procedure, unfortunately, cannot stop the aging process. “We can only turn back the clock with a lift, we can’t stop it from ticking,” Dr. Devgan adds.  

Generally, facelifts can be divided into three subcategories: the full facelift, addressing skin sagging and muscle laxity in the mid face and neck regions; the mini facelift, addressing a specific area of the face; and the necklift, addressing sagging and laxity in the jawline, jowls, and neck regions.  One of the popular add-ons to the procedure is eyelid surgery. According to Dr. Devgan, “the facelift can’t fix aging eyes, so it’s very common for patients to do an upper and lower blepharoplasty with their facelift.”  Along with most anti-aging solutions, facelift techniques are constantly progressing.  Doctors predict the future of the procedure to require less downtime, advancement in noninvasive alternatives, and improvements in regenerative medicine. Read the full article here.