"How Subtle Lip Injections Can Transform Your Entire Face" - Dr. Devgan Offers Expertise to The Zoe Report


Lauren Caruso of The Zoe Report recently published an article entitled “How Subtle Lip Injections Can Transform Your Entire Face,” where she shares her first-time experience with lip injections. Caruso reached out to Dr. Devgan regarding her thoughts on the procedure, as well as the cultural shift surrounding cosmetic optimization.

The general perception of cosmetic alteration - or “optimization” as Dr. Devgan calls it - has evolved from previous years, as current patients have moved away from the idea that bigger is better. Dr. Devgan’s personal aesthetic has always been on the subtle side, as she has prefers to highlight those features her patients already find beautiful about themselves. She adds “human beings are programmed to notice discrepancies as small as one millimeter, so something as subtle as a little volume can completely change the way facial beauty is received.”

The article continues to discuss the variety of FDA-approved products available for the lips - or “paints on a palette” as Dr. Devgan calls them -and how different products can be used to do different things, i.e softening, plumping, or creating more structure. Additionally, inspiration photos can be a big help for doctors to understand their patients’ desired outcome. Read the full article here.