"Lab Rat: First Time Lip Fillers" Dr. Devgan interviewed by Carrie Barber of Violet Grey


With Violet Grey’s launch of Dr. Devgan’s Platinum Lip Plump and Platinum Long Lash Serum this week, Dr. Devgan was interviewed by Carrie Barber, Senior Art Director of the luxury cosmetic retailer. After the Platinum Lip Plump exceeded Barber’s expectations (dubbing it “temporary fillers in a tube”), she made an appointment to see the doctor.

For someone considering fillers for the first time, Dr. Devgan expresses, “Think about what you are going for.. and find inspiration images as a starting point, which can be a helpful way to frame a conversation with your plastic surgeon.” She goes on to advise prospective patients to do their research, since injectable procedures can be performed by those with a wide variety of credentials.

Dr. Devgan has remained outspoken in her efforts to destigmatize the cosmetic industry, and concludes the interview by telling Barber, “For too long society has been telling women and men what we can and can't do. It's OK to work on your abs, color your hair, or get injectables if you want—as long as you are doing those things in a safe and responsible manner. Don't let people make you feel like you can't be a person of substance and also care about how you look.” Barber details her entire appointment, from consultation to final results, which can be read here.