Dr. Devgan's Products now available on Violet Grey


Dr. Devgans Platinum Lip Plump and Platinum Long Lash Serum have passed the “violet code” and are now available for purchase on Violet Grey, launching a new partnership with the online luxury beauty retailer.

Dr. Devgan’s Platinum Lip Plump promotes lip hydration, visible volumization, improvement in pink color, and anti-oxidant protection immediately upon application. “This silky formula feels more like a luxe gloss than a treatment, but with instant plumping superpowers. In just a few seconds, my lips are legit fuller and way more hydrated. Pretty much magic,” says Beauty Director Maureen Choi.

The Platinum Long Lash serum promotes lash growth, inhibits loss of eyelashes, and leads to visibly more beautiful lashes. Jaime Cyk, a contributing editor for Violet Grey, says “Consistency isn't my thing when it comes to eyelash serums, but when I saw Dr. Devgan's incredible fringe I stuck to it. Three months in, I'm getting asked if I have extensions.”  Visit Violet Grey here.