Dr. Devgan Featured on Dr. Anthony Youn's Holistic Plastic Surgery Show


Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn’s podcast, “The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show” features both conventional and alternative health experts in the holistic health and beauty industries to discuss the newest anti-aging practices, tips to lose weight and feel great, and profound insights into the state of medicine today. He recently had Dr. Devgan on his show to discuss noninvasive plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Youn and Dr. Devgan discuss the upward trend in noninvasive procedures, specifically facial contouring and optimization with injectable fillers. Dr. Devgan believes that the nonsurgical alternatives of cosmetic enhancement are gaining popularity because there’s fewer stigmas around them. Not only that, but there is less downtime, expense, scarring, risk, and commitment.

Dr. Devgan also attributes the rise of noninvasive plastic surgery to a new ideal of beauty. “I think that we’re sort of entering a new era, where people are wanting to look like the best version of themselves, rather than like someone else, so people don’t necessarily want brand new, major transformation. They may just want a slightly optimized alteration of a feature they already like so-so, but they want to like even better.” Find the full interview here.