"Are Breast Implants Safe?" - HealthyWomen.org Consults Dr. Devgan on the Subject

HealthyWomen.org published an article entitled “Are Breast Implants Safe?” which examines the recent FDA report connecting women with breast implants to “breast implant-associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL),” an immune system malignancy.

The issue has brought into question the difference between smooth and textured implants, as the lymphoma has been more common in those with textured implants. Most implants used in the United States are smooth, and the majority of doctors still stand behind the procedure, as the data collected thus far is imperfect.

Dr. Devgan says, “All surgery has risks, but I believe that breast implants are generally safe devices that can bring a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction to women. Our knowledge of science is ever evolving. But I would recommend breast implants to a patient, friend or family member who desired them and was an appropriate medical candidate." Read full article here.