"Listen up Khloe! As the Kardashian Admits She's Thinking About Getting a Post-Baby Boob Job..." Dr. Devgan Featured as Breast Surgery Expert on The Daily Mail.


When Khloe Kardashian recently made news due to her confession of wanting her breasts done following her pregnancy, The Daily Mail reached out to Dr. Devgan for her expert advice on the subject.

Many new moms consider breast procedures for a rejuvenated look and fresher cleavage. Dr. Devgan says, “Volume and reshaping are required for full cleavage. We can do this either with breast implants or with auto-augmentation [breast lift] —  a technique where a patient’s own breast tissue is rearranged in a more perky and round manner.'‘

Breast augmentations continue to be one of the most popular procedures in the plastic surgery field, with procedure times ranging between 30-60 minutes. Dr. Devgan has performed over 100 breast procedures since 2016, and recommends smooth implants over textured due to a more natural feel, and fewer issues for patients. Read the full article here.