Harper's BAZAAR's Senior Beauty Editor Jenna Rosenstein to Chat with Dr. Devgan About the Aesthetics Revolution at SXSW


Dr. Devgan and the RealSelf team have been busy organizing an amazing itinerary celebrating modern beauty kicking off this weekend, and culminating in a one-on-one conversation between Dr. Devgan and Harper’s BAZAAR’s Senior Beauty Editor, Jenna Rosenstein.

Rosenstein and Dr. Devgan will be chatting about the future of the Aesthetic Revolution: how the industry is being de-stigmatized, from the “uberization” of cosmetic enhancement, to the advancement and affordability of nonsurgical procedures. Dr. Devgan says, "Increased conversation, whether through mainstream media, social sharing, or a conference podium, can lead to greater understanding and acceptance. Our definition of beauty is evolving and more people are supporting the idea that it's about one individual and what makes them feel confident at the end of the day."

You won’t want to miss this chat! Be sure to stop by on Sunday, March 10 at 3:30pm on the 3rd floor of the Congressional Building. Click here for more details about this event.