Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Meghan Markle - Dr. Devgan featured on Yahoo! Lifestyle


Dr. Devgan was recently interviewed on Yahoo! Lifestyle in an article entitled “Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Meghan Markle.” The article explores one of the latest beauty trends: women modeling their cosmetic ideal after the Duchess of Cambridge.

Since Meghan Markle burst into international spotlight, women of all ethnicities are using her as their inspiration when visiting their plastic surgeons. Dr. Devgan mentions, “She represents the broadening of widespread cultural beauty standards that I think can make a lot more people feel at home in the world.” From her nose to her lips, even her skin, women are hoping to re-create Markle’s look. Dr. Devgan adds that her Gold Microinfusion Facial is one of the best solutions to achieve the flawless skin of the Duchess. This procedure “uses a small mechanized device to make thousands of controlled-depth needle punctures on the surface of the skin. Each one of those instills a minuscule quantity of a custom combination of botox, fillers and skincare products which work together to give the skin a really glowy look,” says Devgan.

The article also explores whether it’s healthy to envy another’s appearance. Devgan clearly notes the difference between the extremes, “If you’re trying to physically morph into another human being, that’s not realistic and it may speak to a larger problem in terms of your mindset and expectations, but if you’re using an image purely to communicate your goal or inspiration then I think that’s totally fine. Read the full article here.