The Stealthy Lies People Tell to Cover up Their Plastic Surgery - Dr. Devgan featured in Town & Country


Dr. Devgan was recently featured in Town & Country’s article “The Stealthy Lies People Tell to Cover up Their Plastic Surgery,” which breaks down the lengths patients will go to keep their work private, from hiding the financial proof to disguising the results.

The most common subterfuges surrounding cosmetic procedures center around the price tag. Shared bank accounts often make it difficult to keep personal investments private, so patients will utilize the use of cash, gift cards, or even by scheduling other medical treatments to mask their spending.

Though hiding side-affects like bruising and swelling often require creative ploys, the real challenge comes from explaining the final results. Dr. Devgan mentions the benefits of distraction, “"for example, bright red lipstick or a new hair color. The human mind just wants to hang its hat on something— not necessarily your full medical record— so if you look fresh and you just changed your hair color, that’s enough for most people.” Read the full article here.