"INTERVIEW: LARA DEVGAN, THE PICASSO OF PLASTIC SURGERY" - Dr. Devgan interviewed by Danielle Ransom of Julie von Boehm


Danielle Ransom of Julie von Boehm, a media company dedicated to fashion and beauty, recently interviewed Dr. Devgan, dubbing her the Picasso of Plastic Surgery. The interview touches on Dr. Devgan’s prowess in her field, due to her aesthetic and artistic approach to procedures.

Dr. Devgan' is known for her subtle aesthetic, having said, “subtle is the new dramatic,” which seems to be a newer idea in the plastic surgery industry. “Every face and every feature has something beautiful about it. Part of the conceptual aspect of what I do is figuring out what those beautiful things are, and working to maintain and preserve them. Otherwise, you can have this weird extreme where someone loses the character of their face; where their main distinguishing features look different, and it almost feels disturbing,” she says.

Much of Dr. Devgan’s approach to her work stems from years of being trained as a classical artist, and seeing every patient’s face (or canvas) as an already-existing work of art. “One of the most interesting things I find about people’s faces is not what makes them beautiful, but what gives them an identity. [As a surgeon] it is important to understand the characteristics that create the feeling of you; what can we change and still look like ‘you’?” Read the full article here.