Yes, "More People Are Getting Plastic Surgery. Here’s Why" - Dr. Devgan featured on Healthline


Dr. Devgan was recently featured on Healthline in an article entitled “More People Are Getting Plastic Surgery. Here’s Why,” which explores cosmetic enhancement in an age of body positivity, and how these ideas aren’t necessarily in opposition of each other.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 1.8 million surgical procedures and 15.9 million noninvasive procedures were performed in 2018. Dr. Devgan says, “Most patients seek [cosmetic] procedures to feel like the best version of themselves. There’s a magical paradox I’m helping people achieve: looking the same but better.”

With the rise of social media, we seem to be consistently confronted with both the unapologetic sentiments of millennials, along with a constant stream of photos of ourselves. Devgan adds, “People are much more comfortable owning their self-care rituals — including those that involve needles and knives. I have patients come into my office and request to be on my Instagram feed, which is something we never would have seen 5 years ago.” Read the whole article here.