NEWBEAUTY Spring 2019 Issue - Dr. Devgan Discusses Dealing With Aging Hands.

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Dr. Devgan will be featured in NEWBEAUTY’S upcoming issue which unpacks how to defeat the signs of aging hands.

For centuries, painters, sculptors, and photographers have had obsessions with the human hand, and how it functions. Dr. Devgan says, “The hands are incredibly complex, with 29 bones and 34 muscles controlling their movement.”

However, when it comes to aging, our hands aren’t exempt. From sun damage to blisters, even excessive hand washing, they take a beating. Luckily, modern medicine can help. Plastic surgeons can utilize noninvasive techniques like injectable fillers to decrease the signs of aging hands, or surgical options like fat grafting. Fat grafting “is like spreading melted butter on a bagel - the fat settles into all the nooks and crannies in a soft, supple way. Fat is in abundant supply in most of us; it’s permanent; and it’s inherent stem cells may benefit skin texture and quality,” Devgan says.