Dr. Devgan Featured on Paolo Atlason Podcast "Embracing Individuality"


Dr. Devgan was recently interviewed in Holistic Health Consultant Paola Atlason’s latest podcast entitled '“Embracing Individuality,” where she shared her perspective on the industry, along with her self care secrets.

Atlason’s podcast focuses on renown women at the top of their fields, and the self care rituals that keep them grounded. Dr. Devgan discusses the importance of her role in helping women feel beautiful in a predominantly male field. “The thing i really love most about my field is that it allows people to feel confident and the best versions of themselves, “ Devgan shares.

Devgan also touches on how she’s working to de-stigmatize the idea of plastic surgery, and her own artistic aesthetic when it comes to her work. “I often tell my patients that subtle is the new dramatic.” You can listen to the whole podcast here.