Why We Can’t Look Away From Before-And-After Pictures – Dr. Devgan featured on Vox Media


Dr. Devgan was recently featured on Vox Media in an article entitled “Why We Can’t Look Away From Before-And-After Pictures”, which explores the strangely compelling phenomenon of before-and-after photos, and why we’re drawn to transformations, albeit kitchen renovations, weight loss photos, and surgical alterations. 

Before-and-after photos offer us proof that certain achievements are possible, and therefore draw us in by making the idea of transformation relatable, implant a curiosity that leaves us wanting more, and provide us with a satisfying resolution.  Some outlets have even exploited our allure, misleading us with impractical results.  Facebook has banned such advertising for these reasons.  

Actual patient of Dr. Devgan

Actual patient of Dr. Devgan

Dr. Devgan feels that before-and-after photos offer her patients a realistic understanding of what they can expect from surgical and nonsurgical procedures.  She avoids misleading us by only posting photos of her actual patients, along with their actual results.  The accessibility of social media allows potential patients to easily explore her catalog of before-and-after photos on a variety of silhouettes, giving them a glimpse into all the transformation possibilities. Read the whole article here.