Galderma interviews Dr. Devgan on the benefits of social media for medical professionals

Dr. Devgan, board-certified plastic surgeon and Chief Medical Officer of RealSelf, was interviewed by Galderma in regards to her presence in social media and on how to manage and grow your account for fellow medical professionals. 

With over 200,000 combined followers on Instagram, Dr. Devgan is a prime example of a professional who has grown her business through incorporating social media. Dr. Devgan’s Instagram account launched as a suggestion from a friend. It “started off with 100 friends from school as her followers and gradually built it into what it is today.” With over 5 million impressions a week, Dr. Devgan’s Instagram page is very beneficial. Other social media platforms she uses include: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, although Instagram is her favorite since her profession is very visual. Dr. Devgan finds that posting photos and videos, stories, and going “live” on Instagram are all useful tools to keeping her followers engaged and excited. One key takeaway is to be as authentic as possible. 

Some tips that Dr. Devgan has for people who want to grow their accounts is to: use watermarks on images and videos for protection, do not use social media to give or receive advice, and be transparent with influencers. While using social media is very advantageous, it is also a large financial and time commitment. There is a lot of behind the scenes that goes into each post so it is important to keep in mind how to manage your account. Overall, the use of social media for one’s professional practice comes with many benefits. Social media helps attract a wide range and wide diversity of clients and is one of the many reasons why Dr. Devgan has patients in 6 of the 7 continents! 

Social media has allowed Dr. Devgan to be more global than ever and is something that anyone can use to grow as well. Her advice for viewers is to “just start and listen to feedback.” It can be difficult to just start posting content, however, you have to start somewhere. Dr. Devgan wants to remind everyone that “intelligence is adaptability to change,” so once you can make that change in your professional career, things will work out. If you are interested in checking out Dr. Devgan’s Instagram pages, search @laradevganmd and @devganscientificbeauty. If you want to watch the full interview, click here.