Dr. Devgan’s Magnetic Kinetic Mask wins award in ELITE Lifestyle magazine’s 2019 Beauty Awards

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Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, Dr. Devgan’s luxury, medical-grade skincare line, was featured in ELITE Lifestyle Magazine as an award winner. The 2019 Beauty Awards consists of hundreds of products being tested and only the best are chosen to be printed in the magazine editorial. Dr. Devgan’s Magnetic Kinetic Mask is amongst the best exfoliators and masks. 


For anyone who is unfamiliar with Dr. Devgan’s Scientific Beauty skincare line, it is a carefully formulated, medical-grade skincare line for the discerning consumer. Each product is FDA-approved and consists of scientifically-proven ingredients that have been empirically demonstrated in large clinical trials. The Magnetic Kinetic Mask is a revolutionary product specifically designed to soothe, calm, and repair the skin. Formulated with a proprietary blend of detoxifying volcanic charcoal, purified evergreen bamboo, mineralized iron ore, coconut, jojoba, humectant glycerin, bumble bee propolis, and finely particulated mineral clay, the Magnetic Kinetic Mask restores the barrier function of the skin, reduces inflammation and dryness, and replenishes glow and radiance.

If you are interested in reading more about the Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty skincare line, click here. Priced at $295 the Magnetic Kinetic Mask includes the mask itself, an applicator tool, a magnetic wand, and some single-use plastic slips to help with the removal of the mask. If you are interested in reading more about the Magnetic Kinetic Mask or are interested in purchasing the it, click here.

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