Harper’s Bazaar features Dr. Devgan in article highlighting Cheek Fillers

Dr. Devgan is featured in Harper’s Bazaar as a medical expert in explaining everything that everyone needs to know about injections for attaining sculpted cheekbones. The first and most important piece of knowledge is going to a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Devgan. These doctors are described as having an “artistic eye and the skill of Michelangelo,” therefore you will be in good hands.

Although a cheekbone augmentation is not as popular as lip injections or tummy tucks, Dr. Devgan describes it as a just-as-important procedure since “cheekbones are thought to represent 70% of facial beauty” because “they give a really pleasing architecture to the face.” For anyone who is not familiar with cheekbone injections, they are crucial in order to create better facial symmetry and to ensure an elevated mid face. Whenever Dr. Devgan performs this procedure on one of her patients, she takes careful measurements of the face to determine how much filler to use, numbs the patient for about five minutes and then “the injection itself takes five to ten minutes.” It is quite a spectacular procedure given the prep time and the quick results.

Dr. Devgan highly recommends this treatment to anyone who is looking to lift and define the cheeks with minimal downtime. She also notes how the cheekbone augmentation is the perfect procedure for anyone who desires a more natural yet defined look. Instead of piling on the make up every morning, a cheekbone augmentation will give you that same beautiful look. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, feel free to read more about it here or call us at (212)452-2400.