Best Celebrity Eyelashes

Lengthy, thick eyelashes have always been a staple for Hollywood beauties. Whether celebrities are photographed on the red carpet or simply running ends around town, one thing is always consistent: their gorgeous lashes.

Megan Fox Eyelash *.jpg

Celebrities like Megan Fox have mastered the art of beautiful, bold lashes. The Transformer’s star flaunts fluttery lashes that accentuate and frame her eyes beautifully. Her lashes are so naturally plentiful, she’s frequently pictured without bottom mascara.

Kylie Jenner Eyelashes.jpg

Kylie Jenner is also renowned for her perfect, perky lashes. Kylie tends to sport voluminous lashes which add drama to any of her looks. Even in her makeup-less selfies, her lashes are still on point. 

Zayn Malik Eyelashes.jpg

Incredible lashes aren’t just for women either! One Direction superstar Zayn Malik breaks hearts with his wispy, jet black lashes. His dense eyelashes have many of us vying for a similar look!

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